Report inappropriate activity related to highway construction


In Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation oversees construction contracts and projects on provincial highways and the materials used to build them.

Construction companies and engineering consultants who receive government contracts are required to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in these contracts.

Inappropriate activities may be pursued under the Criminal Code of Canada.

If you suspect inappropriate activity on a government contract, construction project or in the materials used in construction, please report it. For example:

  • Switching or tampering with test samples to misrepresent product quality
  • Falsifying results of quality control tests
  • Misrepresenting goods or services delivered in order to reduce costs or increase profit
  • Misrepresenting how much construction material was actually used on a project
  • Submitting inflated invoices on a project
  • Bid rigging or collusion in the preparation of contract bids

Reporting Process

To report suspected inappropriate activity, you can call the Ministry of Transportation's Corporate Services Division at 844-760-5220. This message system is only for matters regarding construction fraud on provincial highways. For all other inquiries, please contact us separately.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Ministry of Transportation's Internal Audit team, who will investigate and decide whether action is required.

If we determine that inappropriate activity occurred, we will:

  1. Pursue sanctions against the contractor or consultant including restricting their ability to receive future contracts.
  2. Contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for further investigation and possible criminal prosecution
  3. Send you an email to let you know if your report has been sent to the OPP for further investigation (if you include your email address with your report)

If we determine that no inappropriate activity occurred, we will:

  • keep a record of your report on file for 75 years, in accordance with the Government of Ontario Records Schedule Requirements.
  • Send you an email to let you know the outcome of our investigation (if you include your email address with your report)

Contact us

If you have questions please contact us by:

  • Email at
  • phone at 844-760-5220
  • mail at:

    MTO Info

    MTO - Corporate Services Division
    301 St. Paul Street
    Saint Catharines, Ontario
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