Area Maintenance Contractors

The Ministry of Transportation has 21 contracts in place to provide winter maintenance services. Five different contractors perform the winter maintenance work.

Our service commitment is to achieve our bare pavement standard 90% of the time, each winter, across the province. This target has been achieved since the service commitment was implemented in 2003. By next year, we'll report the results by contract area.

To report a comment regarding winter maintenance on Ontario provincial highways, you can contact the ministry by email: or directly dial 1-844-507-1427 and leave a detailed message.

How We Measure Performance

MTO has a Provincial performance target to meet the bare pavement standard 90 per cent of the time, each winter across the Province. The standard timeframe to restore bare pavement varies depending on winter traffic volume and highway type. Some highways with low traffic remain snow packed for most of the winter.

Southern Ontario Maintenance Contractors

Southern Ontario Maintenance Contract Areas Map - (PDF - 431 KB)

See below for accessible contractor phone list.

Contract Area Contractor Name Telephone
Bancroft Emcon Services Inc. 1-877-979-0998
Chatham Emcon Services Inc. 1-866-259-8932
Durham Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-877-513-4667
Hamilton Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-866-513-4667
Huntsville Fowler Construction Company Ltd. 1-866-527-8216
Kingston East High Road Maintenance (HRM) 1-866-685-2770
Kingston West Emcon Services Inc. 1-877-979-0998
London Emcon Services Inc. 1-855-557-8478
Niagara Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-877-513-4667
Ottawa Ministry of Transportation 1-888-362-1770
Owen Sound Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-888-222-2640
Peel/Halton Emcon Services Inc. 1-877-905-7770
Simcoe Emcon Services Inc. 1-866-618-0825
Toronto/York Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-877-513-4667
Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway Windsor Essex Mobility Group (WEMG) 1-844-570-9999
Express Toll Route 407 407 ETR 1-888-407-0407
Hwy 407 East Extension, Hwy 412 407 East Development Group (407 EDG) 1-855-463-3109

Northern Ontario Maintenance Contractors

Northern Ontario Maintenance Contract Areas Map - (PDF - 789 KB)

See below for accessible contractor phone list.

Contract Area Contractor Name Telephone
Kenora Emcon Services Inc. 1-844-362-6615
New Liskeard/Cochrane Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-877-236-4667
North Bay Ferrovial Services 1-866-840-2232
Sault Ste. Marie Ferrovial Services 1-855-250-7575
Sudbury Emcon Services Inc. 1-844-362-6615
Thunder Bay East Emcon Services Inc. 1-888-636-8704
Thunder Bay West Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services (IMOS) 1-855-680-0861

Equipment Levels

Graphic image showing a large number of combination units, tow plows and hoppers, symbolizing the almost 1,000 snowplows and combinations units that work on Ontario's highways. Specficially there are 958 plow blades and 697 salt/sand hoppers.

Did you know? There is more winter maintenance equipment used in Northern Ontario now than there was in 2012/13. Passing lanes and truck climbing lanes are cleared more frequently than before.

Did you know? For next winter, the ministry will be working with contractors to improve winter maintenance in 2015/16 by increasing the use of anti-icing liquids and by making salting and plowing operations more efficient on Ontario's highways.

Did you know? The ministry added 50 additional pieces of winter maintenance equipment in southern Ontario to clear freeway ramps and shoulders more quickly.

Contract Evolution Timeline

The ministry has used contractors to perform winter maintenance for over 15 years. In the 1980s, about 50 per cent of winter maintenance work was performed by contractors. Beginning in 1996, the ministry began shifting all highway maintenance work, including winter maintenance, to the private sector.

By July 2000, all the maintenance work was delivered by contractors. In about 40 per cent of Ontario, a Managed Outsourcing contract type was used, where ministry staff patrolled highways and directed several different contractors to perform work using ministry-specified methods. In the other areas, about 60 per cent of Ontario, an Area Maintenance contract-type was used where one contractor was responsible for patrolling highways and directing their staff to perform work using ministry-specified methods to meet contract requirements.

In 2009, the ministry began the shift to a performance-based contract model where the contractor decides how best to achieve the results the ministry requires. For example, contractors can choose to use plows or combination units with tow-plows to achieve the bare pavement requirements of the contract. Previously, the ministry measured the contractor's compliance with ministry-specified methods, now, the ministry measures and oversees the results the contractor delivers. As the ministry continues to refine and improve winter maintenance, we are implementing new contract models that balance contractor responsibilities and MTO oversight, such as the new Contractor Directed Maintenance Contracts.

Graphic image showing a timeline of how MTO has changed its contracts. By the 1980s, MTO and contractors both did 50 per cent of Winter Equipment Operations. The first generation of Area Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) started in 1996, lasting till 2006, while the managed outsourcing model with MTO patrolling continued in some areas until 2013. Second generation AMCs were in place between 2002 and 2015 and Third-generation AMCs in place since 2009. In 2015 a revised performance-based maintenance contract was put into place.

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