Winter Driving: Shareable Resources

Information about winter safe driving and shareable resources in a variety of formats.

Drive safely in the winter

Hands on a steering wheel with cars skidding on an icy road.
  • Check out Ontario 511, the pre-trip planning tool that lets drivers know about events that may impact their travel on provincial highways. It can be used to view road conditions on 549 highway cameras or as reported by our field staff, forecasted driving conditions which display how weather may impact driving, or weather forecasts and radar from Environment Canada.
  • Ontario 511 also offers Track My Plow which  allows you to plan ahead and see where along your route you might come across a snow plow or salt truck, and  which part of your route has already been cleared.
  • Register with Ontario 511 and create route notifications to receive texts or emails about traffic events and slowdowns along your regular routes.
  • Learn how to get ready for winter safe driving including winter tires, driving in winter weather and tips for commercial drivers.

Downloadable brochures

Winter driving videos

Get ready for winter and stay safe on the road

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