Guide for Preparing Hydrology Reports for Water Crossings

This guide identifies the process and information required for preparing a comprehensive hydrotechnical design report commonly referred to as a "Hydrology Report", to satisfy MTO requirement. It provides the detailed documentation requirements for Hydrology Reports prepared for MTO and the rationale for requiring this information. It also provides definitions of the terminology and technical procedures referred to in the document.

The document is divided into three sections, Introduction, Instructions and Reference. The Introduction section provides tools that describe the site and assists in the understanding of MTO requirements. The Instructions section is the main section of the document providing the details of MTO documentation requirements. The Reference section provides additional information and linkages to other MTO Drainage documents.

It is important to note that technical details or policy statements provided in this document are for clarification purposes only. They are not to be considered as substitute for the original manuals, standards or policies. It is the designer's responsibility to refer to the original documents for instruction and guidance.

The following two sections should be read by all users to identify the general purpose of this document and the policy framework associated with hydrology report submissions to MTO

  • "About this Document" - This section provides a general description of this document and its purpose.
  • "Review These Points Before Proceeding" - All users should refer to this section for important instructions and information for individual preparing stormwater management report prepared for submission to MTO.

A number of navigation options have been provided in this document to facilitate access to the different sections. They include:

  • "Quick Reference Guide" - which gives a quick review of the document content and provides links to the different sections that address the drainage issues identified.
  • "Task Summary Chart" is a chart of the tasks required to complete the hydrology report. Each task in the chart is linked to the detailed descriptions of the different actions that need to be completed.
  • An index is provided in the frame on the left hand side with links to the different sections
  • "MTO Approvals" - this is a shortcut to the section which provides the information to determine whether or not a hydrology report is required by MTO and the level of detail of the information at the different planning and design stages.
  • "Checklists" - give a summary table of all the drainage tasks that may be required to be addressed. Links are provided to print each checklist.

The MTO Drainage Management Manual (DMM) is referenced throughout this guide. The Drainage Management Manual is available in digital format through the MTO Online Library Catalogue. Hard copies can be purchased from Publications Ontario Online.

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