Summary of Tasks

A brief explanation of the document structure is provided by Figure 1, below. The tasks associated with the different Hydrology Reports, preliminary or final, are shown using coloured layers. You may click on any task to go to the task description. This overview and navigation is also provided in the Quick Reference Guide.

Task Summary Chart(Figure 1)
MTO Approvals
Collecting background information
Identifying drainage issues
Performing the hydraulic design
Mitigating impacts to the drainage system
Finalizing design and construction issues

MTO approvals Acquire MTO approvals Determine the requirements for a Hydrology Report Collecting background information Identify requirements of other agencies Identify on-site conditions Identify watercourse characteristics Identify data needs and availability Review previous drainage studies Indentifying Drainage Issues Indentify design alternatives Indentify criteria that regulate the watercourse Investigate stability of the watercourse Identify issues with other structures up and downstream Indentify existing drainage problems Performing the hydraulic design design for the regulatory storm Design for ice and debris Analyze scour and determine depth of footings Design the bridge or culvert opening Conduct the hydrologic analysis Develop the design criteria Mitigating impacts to the drainage system Address impacts on lands and structures Design fish habitat protection meansures Design scour/erosion control measures Finalizing design and construction issues Recommending the best alternative Complete the requirements for erosion and sediment control duuring construction Design bridge deck drainage
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