The purpose of this Web site is to discuss and evaluate drainage software which may be used for MTO projects or projects requiring MTO approval. MTO has created this Web site primarily to assist MTO staff and consultants working on MTO projects who may use or wish to use the software discussed or evaluated. In the event that other persons choose to make use of this Web site, they shall be deemed to do so at their own risk and MTO expressly disclaims any liability for any harm or loss which may result, directly or indirectly, from any person's use of this Web site or reliance upon any statement made or information posted on this Web site.

The following disclaimers shall also be deemed to have been agreed to by the user by virtue of the users use of this Web site:

  1. MTO shall not be held responsible for the performance, results or errors in any of the models discussed or evaluated.

  2. MTO shall not be held responsible for the methods used in any of the models discussed or evaluated. Some methods may be inherently more suitable for certain tasks than others and it shall be up to the user to select appropriate methods and to use appropriate software.
  3. MTO shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses, howsoever arising, which damages or losses may be caused by, attributable to, or in any way result from using any software discussed or evaluated.
  4. The discussion or evaluation of the software is from MTO's perspective and only reflects MTO's opinion for the application of these models to highway projects in Ontario.
  5. The listing of software is provided in alphabetic order.
  6. The order in which software is evaluated does not imply any preference by MTO. The order of the first set of reviews was based on providing one review for each design application (stormsewers, culvert, and water surface profiles in open channels).
  7. Inclusion and/or discussion and evaluation of software on this Web site does not imply any endorsement by MTO. Failure to include or discuss or evaluate a software on this Web site does not imply anything negative about the software.

For any information pertaining to the software, the software suppliers should be contacted. MTO does not provide any support for the software listed.

In addition to discussing or evaluating some of the software listed on the Web site, MTO has provided additional information or files in some cases. Users may choose to upgrade their original software by downloading the additional files MTO has created; but, users who choose to download such additional files are advised to take whatever precautions may be necessary, including making backups or copies of their original software as may be appropriate, and the act of downloading such files shall be deemed to be acceptance of all risks that may be associated with using such files. MTO shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in any additional information or files provided through this Web site.


Sharon Berg, P.Eng.
Quality Assurance Process Analyst
Ministry of Transportation, Highway Design Office

Hani Farghaly, PhD., P.Eng.
Senior Engineer, Hydrotechnical Design
Ministry of Transportation, Highway Design Office

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