Evaluation of Drainage Management Software

Reviewed to Date: CulvertMaster summary Evaluation

Evaluation Form

Evaluator Information

Name: Sharon Berg / Jason Tsang
Date: August 2000

Software Information

Title of Software: HEC-RAS
Purpose: Calculating Water Surface Profiles For Steady Gradually Varied Flow
Publisher: Haestad Methods (US Army Corps of Engineers)
Version: 2.2
Year Published: September 1998
Affiliate Software:
Platform(s): Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT
Computer: IBM
Media: CD-ROM
System Requirements: System Requirements: 16 MB RAM for Windows 95, 24 MB RAM for Windows NT(32 MB RAM Recommended), 10 MB hard disk (20 Recommmended)

Required Extras

Additional Required Hardware: VGA or better (Super VGA 800x600 Recommended)
Additional Required Software:

Installation and Set-up

Installation Documentation Manual explains for floppy disk not CD-ROM.
Installation Instructions Uses installation wizard.
Installation Speed Approx 2–3 mins from CD-ROM
Configuration Options Choice of directories available at

Instructions and Feedback

  Yes No Comments
Error Notification Yes Extensive error and warnings
Tutorial Available Yes Extensive examples in manual with input, provides extensive theory
Help Menu Available Yes Searchable help menus
Technical Support Available Yes Available via phone, fax, e-mail, web, and mail.

Program Functionality

Printing Capabilities
Amount of Data Entry Required Extensive, provides flexibility
Ease of Navigation Easy to get around, however program defaults and options everywhere.
Disk/CD Required For Use Files required to run the program are installed on hard drive.
Save Output Files
Save-Name Limitations

Modelling Type

  Yes No DMM Reference Comments
Hydrologic No
Single Event No
Continuous Event No
Rational Method No
Hydraulic Yes

Hydrologic Model Applications

  Applicable DMM Reference Users Guide Reference Comments
Land Use: Urban
Subsurface Flow
Water Balance
Water Quality
Hydrograph Method
Routing: Channel
Water Quality
Major/Minor System
Receiving Water
Accept External Input Files
Produce Output Files

Hydraulic Model Applications

  Applicable DMM Reference Users Guide Reference Comments
Flow Conditions:
Steady Applicable
Uniform Applicable
Gradually Varied Applicable
Rapidly Varied Applicable through bridges and culvets only
Subcritical Applicable
Supercritical Applicable
Two Dimensional
Tractive Force
Energy Applicable
Momentum Applicable
Structures Modelled:
Circular Applicable
Rectangular Applicable
Triangular Applicable
Trapezoidal Applicable
Irregular Applicable
Culverts Applicable
Inlet Control Applicable
Outlet Control Applicable
Accept Multiple Cross Section Applicable
Inlets and Gutters
Grate Inlet
Curb Inlet
Combination Inlet
Slot Inlet
Ditch Inlet
Pressure Pipes
Weirs and Orifices
Sharp Crested Weirs Applicable
Other Weirs Applicable
Orifices Applicable
Energy Dissipaters
Stilling Basins
Vertical Drops Applicable
Ice Flow Applicable
Debris Flow
Accept External Input Files
Produce Output Files Applicable
Water Surface Profile Applicable
Velocity Profile Applicable
Rating Curves Applicable
Rating tables Applicable
Cross Section Applicable
Flow Distribution Applicable
Tributary Profile Applicable
Multiple Profile Applicable
Automatic Calibration Applicable

Model Evaluation summary

  Yes No Comments
Applicable to MTO Yes

Additional Comments

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