Official Road Map of Ontario

We are pleased to offer you this web version of one of our most popular publications - the Official Road Map of Ontario - which the ministry has been proudly producing, in paper version, since 1923.

MTO Handbooks

MTO Guidelines

MTO Research Library online catalogue

The MTO Research Library provides online access to MTO's library catalogue and, more specifically, full-text access to the ministry's technical manuals and extensive research collection.

Result-based plan briefing books

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) strives to be a world leader in moving people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably to support a globally competitive economy and a high quality of life. In fulfilling this vision, the ministry supports the key Ontario government priorities of creating jobs and growth, and of building this province up for all Ontarians.

Road Talk

Road Talk is a monthly publication that focuses on new transportation technologies or innovations that can be implemented in transportation infrastructure.

Ontario Road Safety Annual Reports

The Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR) shows the current state of road safety in Ontario for the year that it is produced. Statistics are presented on fatalities, injuries and property damage collisions.

CycleON: Ontario's cycling strategy

CycleON looks ahead 20 years and outlines what needs to be done to promote cycling across the province as a viable mode of transportation.

Drainage Management

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has developed a number of drainage and hydrology documents to support consultants, design engineers, drainage professionals and MTO staff in the following areas:

Environmental standards and practices for provincial transportation facilities

Every provincial transportation project undergoes an environmental assessment process or screening before it can proceed.

Highway Corridor Management

Anyone planning to construct on or adjacent to a provincial highway may require a permit from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Southern and Northern Highways Programs

The Southern Highways Program (SHP) and Northern Highways Program (NHP) are annually published, five-year investment plans for highway construction in southern and northern Ontario.


Find out what the ministry is doing to be more sustainable, and read our sustainability strategy and implementation plan.

Evaluation of Ontario’s Drinking & Driving Countermeasures

A comprehensive, systematic evaluation of Ontario’s drinking and driving countermeasures.

High Speed Rail in Ontario

Transforming mobility, connecting communities, integrating centres of innovation and fostering regional economic growth and development.

A Horizon Scan of Technology for In-Vehicle Driver Remediation of Drug-Impaired Drivers

Driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) is a concerning issue in Ontario due to its prevalence, potential high collision risk, and forthcoming marijuana legalization in Canada. The issue of DUID is further complicated by the difficulty and complexity in establishing impairment. This project sought to identify drug detection technologies currently available in the marketplace that are capable of immediate drug detection and driving prevention for use in Ontario’s remedial program for convicted drug-impaired drivers. This report summarizes the work completed and provides an overview of the context and a global view of the technological solutions and the intentions of other jurisdictions to mitigate the harms of DUID in an evolving world.

Action Plan for Highway Construction Contracts and Oversight

A detailed Action Plan that includes nearly 50 steps the Ministry of Transportation will take in response to the Auditor General's recommendations on Road Infrastructure Construction Contract Awarding and Oversight.

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Report

The purpose of the annual Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Report is to outline the ministry’s progress in reducing GHG emissions for the truck inspection stations network. MTO achieved a 74% greenhouse gas savings by 2017 over 2006 baseline.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Service Books

Printable publications


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