The Official Road Map of Ontario

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We are pleased to offer you this web version of one of our most popular publications - the Official Road Map of Ontario - which the ministry has been proudly producing, in paper version, since 1923.

Alphabetical listing of cities, towns, villages, communities and First Nations

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You will require Adobe Reader version 6 and newer. Click on the geographic areas to download maps or click on the appropriate letter above to find the map showing your city, town or community.

Distance Calculator:
To determine distances between selected Ontario cities and towns, use the Distance Triangle (PDF - 480 KB).

The distances are based on each location's city hall and are rounded to the nearest 5 kilometres. They are for quick reference only. The Distance Calculator is not intended for use in calculating travel expenses.

Further information about these online maps can be found on the Map Information section

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Northern Ontario Road Map

Click on the thumbnail to download north side of the 2020-2021 Official Road Map of Ontario
(PDF - 21 MB)

Map of Northern ontario

Click on the geographic areas to download maps.

Northern Ontario Road Map Index

Map 12(7.00 MB) Map 13(7.00 MB) Map 14(7.00 MB) Map 15(7.00 MB) Map 16(7.00 MB) Map 17(7.00 MB) Map 18(7.00 MB) Map 19(7.00 MB) Map 20 (7.00 MB) Map 21(7.00 MB) Legend (PDF - 132 KB)

Map 12:
Marathon, Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Blind River, Elliot Lake (PDF - 4.34 MB)

Map 13:
Kapuskasing, Timmins, New Liskeard, Elliot Lake, Sudbury, North Bay(PDF - 5.03 MB)

Map 14:
Rainy River, Kenora, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout, Ignace, Atikokan(PDF - 3.63 MB)

Map 15:
Thunder Bay, Mishkeegogamang, Nakina, Longlac, Marathon, Nipigon (PDF - 5.21 MB)

Map 16:
Red Lake, Sachigo Lake, Sioux Lookout
(PDF - 2.72 MB)

Map 17:
Bearskin Lake, Webequie, Eabametoong, Savant Lake, Pickle Lake (PDF - 6.24 MB)

Map 18:
Marten Falls, Attawapiskat, Longlac, Hearst (PDF - 3.16 MB)

Map 19:
Kashechewan, Fort Albany, Moosonee, Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls (PDF - 1.81 MB)

Map 20:
Sandy Lake, Sachigo Lake, Wapekeka, Kasabonika Lake (PDF - 1.67 MB)

Map 21:
Fort Severn, Weenusk (Peawanuck)(PDF - 1.16 MB)


Kenora (PDF - 543 KB)
North Bay (PDF - 153 KB)
Rainy River Area (PDF - 485 KB)
Sault Ste. Marie (PDF - 220 KB)
Sudbury (PDF - 202 KB)
Sudbury Area (PDF - 537 KB)
Thunder Bay (PDF - 212 KB)
Thunder Bay Area (PDF - 528 KB)
Timiskaming Area (PDF - 587 KB)
Timmins (PDF - 130 KB)

Southern Ontario Road Map

Click on the thumbnail to download south side of the 2020-2021 Official Road Map of Ontario
(PDF - 16 MB)

Map of Southern ontario

Click on the geographic areas to download maps.

Southern Ontario Road Map Index

Map 1(7.00 MB) Map 2(7.00 MB) Map 3(7.00 MB) Map 4(7.00 MB) Map 5(7.00 MB) Map 6(7.00 MB) Map 7(7.00 MB) Map 8(7.00 MB) Map 9(7.00 MB) Map 10 (7.00 MB) Map 11(7.00 MB) Legend (PDF - 62 KB)

Map 1:
Sarnia, London, Windsor (PDF - 1.34 MB)

Map 2:
Goderich, Guelph, Waterloo, Stratford, Brantford, London (PDF - 2.11 MB)

Map 3:
Barrie, Oshawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls (PDF - 2.39 MB)

Map 4:
Owen Sound, Collingwood, Goderich (PDF - 1.64 MB)

Map 5:
Huntsville, Bracebridge, Orillia, Peterborough, Barrie (PDF - 2.44 MB)

Map 6:
Bancroft, Kingston, Belleville, Cobourg, Peterborough (PDF - 1.81 MB)

Map 7:
Blind River, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Killarney, Manitoulin Island (PDF - 1.27 MB)

Map 8:
Sudbury, North Bay, Huntsville, Parry Sound (PDF - 2.48 MB)

Map 9:
North Bay, Mattawa, Petawawa, Algonquin, Huntsville (PDF - 1.63 MB)

Map 10:
Petawawa, Pembroke, Renfrew, Ottawa, Bancroft (PDF - 1.34 MB)

Map 11:
Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville (PDF - 1.1 MB)


Barrie (PDF - 230 KB)
Brantford (PDF - 200 KB)
Cornwall (PDF - 225 KB)
Guelph (PDF - 259 KB)
Hamilton (PDF - 541 KB)
Kingston (PDF - 263 KB)
Kitchener (PDF - 369 KB)
London PDF - 623 MB)
Niagara (PDF - 1.5 MB)
Ottawa (PDF - 290 KB)
Peterborough PDF - 207 KB)
Sarnia (PDF - 180 KB)
Toronto (PDF - 2.33 MB)
Windsor (PDF - 295 KB)

Map Information

The Official Road Map (ORM) is produced by the Geomatics Office, Ministry of Transportation Ontario. The map information is compiled to January 1, 2020.

What's New?

For the first time, the 2020 Official Road Map of Ontario update includes the names and locations of all Ontario First Nation communities.

The Web pages have been updated to show the 2020-2021 Official Road Map of Ontario.

Purchase a 2020-2021 Official Road Map of Ontario

Copies can be ordered online from Publications Ontario.

(Hint: Search the online catalogue for "Official Road Map")

Using the Official Road Map of Ontario Online

Please note that many of the maps on this site are large and may take some time to download, depending on your connection.

Map Tiling

The online files are generated from the same files used for the printed map. However, to reduce the size of the online files without compromising quality and for printing on most home printers, the map is divided into smaller map sheets.

Like the printed version, the Official Road Map of Ontario online is separated into Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario.

The southern Ontario side of the road map has been divided into 11 map sheets. Each map sheet for Southern Ontario is designed to print on letter-size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) at a similar scale to the Official Road Map of Ontario (1:700,000).

Likewise, the northern Ontario side of road map has been divided into ten map sheets, numbered Map 12 through Map 21, and will print on letter size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) at an approximate scale of 1:1,600,000.

The enlargements shown on the Official Road Map of Ontario are also available as PDF files.

Place-Name Index

The place-name index is an alphabetical listing of cities, towns and First Nation communities shown on the Official Road Map of Ontario. Next to each entry in the place-name index are the map sheets and enlargements where you will find that place-name. The map grid reference is provided in brackets for each place-name. Match the letter and number from the grid reference to the corresponding letter and number on the map border to locate the grid cell where the place-name will be on the map sheet.

Reported Problems

My map doesn't print properly - I get extra lines, or just a black page.

Try printing the map using the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader opens but I get a blank page.

  • Make sure you are using Adobe Reader version 6 or a more recent version.
  • Some of the map sheets are large and the map may take some time to download depending on your connection speed and the response of the internet. (The size of each map is provided in brackets on the download page.) When using Adobe Reader, the page may appear blank until the entire file is available. Sometimes refreshing your browser solves the problem.
  • The maps may not display if the cache in your computer is full. Try deleting the history files and temporary internet files for your browser and then reloading the maps.
  • Instead of opening the file within the Internet browser's window, you could also save the PDF file to your computer and open the file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. To save the file to your computer's hard disk, right-click the map name and select "Save As..."

Adobe Format (PDF)

Adobe Reader (version 6 or newer) is required to view the map sheets and enlargements.

Adobe Reader can be used to zoom in or out or move (pan) to an area of interest. The find feature in Adobe Reader can be used to match and find text. This feature can be used to locate places of interest.

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