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Cycling Skills
Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling


Cycling can be enjoyed safely when you understand the rules of the road and practise proper safety and handling techniques.

This is your guide to cycling safety. Whether you're new to cycling or you are an experienced cyclist, this guide contains important information, tips and techniques to make you a safe, confident rider.

You may also want to consider taking a CAN-BIKE cycling course to help boost your skills, safety and cycling pleasure. All CAN-BIKE instructors are fully accredited in CAN-BIKE, are knowledgeable about the Highway Traffic Act and have advanced cycling skills. Check with your local cycling organization or police service for course information.

The CAN-BIKE program is sponsored by the Canadian Cycling Association and is administered in Ontario by the Ontario Cycling Association. For more information about the CAN-BIKE program, contact:

The Ontario Cycling Association

Cycling is a fun, healthy activity and an inexpensive way to get around.

  • be equipped
  • know the rules
  • watch for hazards
  • ride responsibly

The Ministry of Transportation acknowledges the Ontario Cycling Association, the Ontario CAN-BIKE Committee, City of Toronto, City Planning and the Toronto Cycling Committee for their contributions towards this publication.

For more information on safe cycling and cycling activities visit:

Canadian Cycling Association

Cycle Canada

Toronto Cycling

Road safety. It starts with you.

For more information about cycling safety, contact:

MTO Info General Inquiry:
1-800-268-4686 or (416) 235-4686 in GTA
TTY Users:
1-866-471-8929 or (905) 704-2426 in Niagara

For more information on the Highway Traffic Act, Statutes and Regulations of Ontario, visit