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Southern Highways Program
2008 to 2012

2007 Highlights & Completed Construction

In 2007, the Ontario government invested $899 million to expand and repair southern Ontario highways. Some of the many highway projects completed in 2007 are highlighted below.

A list of all major southern Ontario highway projects completed last year has also been included for reference.

Getting ready to move the old bridge out

photo: Getting ready to move the old bridge out

New bridge section in transit

photo: New bridge section in transit

bridge section being moved into place

photo: Bridge section being moved into place

new bridge:  completed in 15 hours

photo: Completed in 15 hours

2007 SHOWCASE PROJECT: Rapid Bridge Replacement, Highway 417/Ottawa Queensway, Island Park Bridge

On August 11, 2007, on the busy Highway 417/Ottawa Queensway, the entire Island Park Bridge was successfully replaced in a landmark 15-hour operation; a process that usually takes two to three years using conventional construction methods. Highly specialised heavy lift equipment called self propelled modular transportors, were used to move the old bridge sections out and the new ones into place. Each bridge section measures 25 by 18 metres, weighs about 650 tonnes, and was constructed off-site away from the highway. This was a first for Canada, although rapid bridge replacement has been used already in Europe and the U.S.

Rapid bridge replacement saves considerable time and money and improves safety by off-site construction and elimination of traffic delays and congestion associated with conventional methods.

The ministry is planning other rapid bridge replacements along the Ottawa Queensway at Clyde Avenue (completed August 2008), Carling Avenue westbound and eastbound, and Kirkwood Avenue.

Recycling of roadway underway

photo: Recycling underway

Completed resurfacing

photo: Completed resurfacing

Resurfacing of Highway 60, Eastern Ontario

Highway 60 is one of many examples of pavement recycling used in repaving Ontario highways. This method pulverizes existing pavement and blends it with underlying gravel, conserving all original road materials, thus saving energy and reducing emissions. The resurfaced road has the same driving smoothness as new asphalt.

resurfaced road, nearing completion, prior to final paving

photo: Nearing completion, prior to final paving

Six-laning of Highway 401, Cobourg to Port Hope

The widening of Highway 401 from four to six lanes, between Cobourg and Port Hope was opened to traffic in 2007. Other improvements include: reconstructed County Road 28 and Burnham Street interchange ramps; Hope-Hamilton Boundary Road underpass improvements; improved culvert and drainage features; new traffic signals; upgraded lighting; upgraded signs.

Expansion of this section of Highway 401, a vital economic link, addresses operational and capacity concerns within the corridor.

The ministry also employs practices to extend pavement life and reduce the need for new materials. Ontario is conducting trials to incorporate non-asphalt recycled materials into pavements, such as finely ground tires and roofing shingle scrap.

Eschelon Paving

photo: Eschelon Paving

Six-laning of Highway 401, Woodstock to Cambridge: Phase 2, Highway 403 to Oxford Road 2

Six-laning 4.6 km of Highway 401, from Highway 403 to Oxford Road 2, was completed in 2007. Along with widening the highway one lane in each direction, construction included: reconstructing Towerline Road and Oxford Road 2 interchange ramps, replacing Towerline Road underpass and CNR overpass, rehabilitating Oxford Road 2 overpass; traffic signals and lighting improvements; upgraded signs and addition of overhead signs; new guiderail, replacing median barrier and planting trees for snow drift control. Improvements increase capacity and enhance the safety of this vital corridor.

Highway 406 and new bridge at Regional Road 20

photo: Highway 406 and new bridge at Regional Road 20

Widening of Highway 406, Thorold Beaverdams Road to Port Robinson Road

Construction included 5.6 km of widening to four lanes, upgraded lighting, a new interchange with a new bridge for Regional Road 20, and widening Regional Road 20. Ontario and the Region of Niagara cost-shared the widening of Regional Road 20 from two to four lanes over Highway 406.

Highway 410 Extension

photo: Highway 410 Extension

Extension of Highway 410; Phase 2, Bovaird Drive to Mayfield Road

Highway 410 extension is a new 8.5 km, four-lane divided highway extending from Bovaird Dr. to Highway 10. Once completed, the Highway 410 extension will take up to 60,000 vehicles off local roads and improve commuting time.

Construction of the section extending Highway 410 to Mayfield Road began in 2006 and lanes in both directions between Bovaird Drive and Mayfield Road were open to traffic August 2007. Work also includes lighting, drainage and a new interchange at Mayfield Road.

2007 Completed Expansion Projects

list of 2007 completed highway expansion projects, in PDF format

The list of projects is organized by region, highway, and location. Each project is accompanied by a brief description.

(Alternatively, a project list in PDF format is also available.)

Southern Ontario

Eastern Ontario

Highway 417 - OQW
Highway 416 to Anderson Road - Island Park Drive overpass, Ottawa
Bridge deck replacement

Southwestern Ontario

Highway 8
Kitchener-Waterloo Expressway - Fairway Road to Grand River
Four to eight lane widening
Highway 401
Homer-Watson Boulevard (partnership with Regional Municipality of Waterloo).
Interchange improvement
Woodstock to Cambridge - Highway 403 to Oxford Road 2, Phase 2 of 3
Four to six lane widening
Windsor to Tilbury - Phase 3 of 5 - Essex Road 27 to Highway 77 (Strategic Highway Infrastructure Fund)
Four to six lane widening

Northeastern Ontario

Highway 69/400
Baxter Road Township Transfer Site - Service Road
Service Road

Greater Golden Horseshoe

Central Region

Highway 401
Westney Road to Salem Road, Ajax
Highway 404
Sheppard Avenue to Beaver Creek, northbound lanes, Toronto/York Region (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes)
Highway 406
Beaverdams Road to Port Robinson Road, Thorold/Welland
Two to four lane widening
Glendale Avenue to Mountain Road, Niagara Falls (Border Infrastructure Fund)
Four to six lane widening
Henley Bridge, St. Catharines (Border Infrastructure Fund)
Four to six lane widening
Sixteen Mile Creek Bridge, Oakville (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes)
Bridge widening
Bronte Creek Bridge, Oakville (High Occupancy Vehicle lanes)
Bridge widening

Eastern Region

Highway 401
Cobourg to Port Hope - Northumberland Road 28 to Burnham Street
Four to six lane widening

2007 Completed Rehabilitation Projects

list of 2007 completed highway rehabilitation projects, in PDF format

The list of projects is organized by region, highway, and location. Each project is accompanied by a brief description.

(Alternatively, a project list in PDF format is also available.)

Central Ontario

Central Region

Highway 12 & 7
Highway 48 north, Beaverton & Highway 7A, Manchester
Resurfacing/intersection improvements/traffic signals
Highway 26
Horseshoe Valley Road, (County Road 22), Simcoe
Intersection improvements/traffic signals
Highway 401
Brock Road to Rougemount Drive, eastbound express lanes, Pickering
Leslie Street interchange, Toronto
Noise barrier
Jane Street to Kipling Avenue, eastbound collector lanes, Toronto
Bridge rehabilitation/reconstruction
Jane Street to Kipling Avenue, westbound express lanes, Toronto
Bridge rehabilitations/reconstruction/ operational improvements
Highway 403
King Street to Wilson Street, Hamilton
Resurfacing/operational improvements/noise barriers
Highway 405
QEW to Toll Booth
Queue end warning
Highway 406
Westchester Avenue & Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines
Interchange improvements/traffic signals/ overhead signs
Garden City Skyway Bridge, St. Catharines
Pier repairs
Cawthra Road interchange, Mississauga
Ramp improvements
Mountain Road to Highway 420, Niagara Falls

Northeast Region

Highway 11
North Muskoka River Bridge, south of Bracebridge
Bridge rehabilitation
Highway 11 and Muskoka Road 117, Bracebridge
Culvert replacement and three culvert rehabilitations
Highway 17
Stonecliffe easterly to west of Rolphton
Resurfacing/passing lanes
Highway 60
Long Lake Creek, east of Highway 35, Oxtongue
Culvert rehabilitation
Highway 400
Port Severn to Muskoka Road 38

Southwestern Ontario

Southwest Region

Highway 3
Big Otter Creek Bridge, Tillsonburg
Bridge rehabilitation
Highway 6
Wellington Road 51, 22 and Nichol Township Road 2-3, south of Fergus
Intersection improvements/commercial vehicle inspection facility
Highway 7
Waterloo Road 1 to Waterloo Road 5, New Hamburg
Resurfacing/bridge rehabilitation/intersection improvement
Highway 10
Markdale to Chatsworth
Resurfacing/bridge rehabilitation
Highway 23
Palmerston to Harriston
Reconstruction/bridge rehabilitation
Highway 24
South Junction Glen Morris Road, Foot Bridge Road, Scenic Drive & Blue Lake Road, north of Brantford
Intersection improvements
Highway 40
Confederation Line, Sarnia
Intersection improvements
Highway 403
Garden Avenue (partnership with Brantford)
Interchange improvement
Garden Avenue to Brant County/Hamilton Boundary, Brantford

Eastern Region

Highway 2
Thousand Island Parkway Bridge, Gananoque
Bridge rehabilitation
Highway 17
Arnprior to Renfrew
Highway 28
Trent Canal and Burleigh Bridges, north of Peterborough
Bridge rehabilitations
Young's Point Bridge, north of Peterborough
Bridge rehabilitation
Highway 34
Greenlane Road to Hawkesbury
Intersection improvements/resurfacing/bridge rehabilitation
Highway 37
Blessington Road, north of Belleville
Intersection improvements/culvert rehabilitation
Highway 60
Killaloe to Deacon
Barry's Bay to Arbor Vitae Road
Resurfacing/truck climbing lane
Highway 115
Tapley Quarter Line to Highway 7, Peterborough
Reconstruction/paved shoulders
Highway 132
Renfrew to Renfrew Road 5
Highway 401
Hoople Creek & Hoasic Creek Bridges, Morrisburg
Bridge rehabilitations
Highway 137 to Mallorytown
Safety improvements
Highway 417
Limoges Road to Casselman
Resurfacing/bridge rehabilitations
Parkway - 137
Thousand Island Parkway, east of Gananoque