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Recreational Vehicle Information
For Drivers of Motor Homes, Truck Campers and House Trailers

Maximum Vehicle Dimensions

Maximum length


This notice is for motor homes owners who have already been issued special over-length permits that expire January 1st, 2010. To extend your current over-length permit until January 1, 2012 simply print a copy of the permit amendment (extension) from the following link (special over-length permit amendment). Attach the printed amendment to your current permit and carry both copies in the vehicle. If you are unable to print a copy of the amendment please contact the O/O. Permit Department at the above address and a copy will be forwarded to you.

Special over-length permit amendment PDF (194 Kb)

  • Fifth wheel house trailer:
    • 14.65 m (48 ft), excluding auxiliary equipment or machinery that extends beyond the front or rear of the trailer and is not designed or used to carry a load, or
    • up to 16.2 m (53 ft) if certain conditions are met, i.e. must have air brakes on all wheels of the combination.
    Contact the ministry for additional conditions for trailers over 48 ft long.
  • Hitch pull type house trailer: 12.5 m (41 ft), including load.
  • Combination of vehicles: 23 m (75' 6").

Maximum width

  • Motor home, truck camper, truck, house trailer and dolly: 2.6 m (8'6").

Maximum height

  • Motor home, truck camper and house trailer: 4.15 m (13'6").

Mirror Widths and Lengths

The length of mirrors that extend beyond the front of a motor home are not included in the overall length of the vehicle.

The width of mirrors that extend beyond the side of a motor home, truck camper and truck are not included in the overall width of the vehicle.

Mirrors that extend more than 305 mm (12") from the side of a car or SUV must be removed when the vehicle is not towing a trailer. A car or SUV, with extended mirrors installed, cannot exceed 2.6 m (8'6"), even when towing a trailer.