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Impaired Driving

Drinking and Driving

Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE)

This enforcement campaign started in 1977 as "Reduce Impaired Driving in Etobicoke". The program is now a provincial campaign led by the police community that runs all year long and involves police spot checks where vehicles are stopped and drivers are checked for impairment. The campaign also has a significant public awareness component.

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®

This province-wide public awareness campaign has been hosted by Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) since 1989. The program runs throughout the year (with emphasis on the summer months) to increase awareness of the injury and death caused by impaired driving and to provide alternatives to driving impaired.


  • New "Do the Right Thing" public service announcement (PSA) produced for 20th anniversary in video and audio
  • "Choose Your Ride" poster campaign (May launch event) and Shut Out Impaired Driving (winter version of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER)
  • Radio and video PSAs featuring Toronto Maple Leaf Coach Ron Wilson, Ottawa Senator Antoine Vermette, Argonaut Jude St. John, Tiger-Cat Mike Morreale, and singer/songwriter Ed Robertson of Bare Naked Ladies. Chief Grodzinski of the OPP and Superintendent Earl Witty of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police also recorded PSAs. Over $2.5 million in airtime is donated by Ontario broadcasters each year
  • Highway and other electronic board messaging
  • Promotional materials distributed to 400+ groups, schools, health units and police, as well as many businesses
  • Arrive Alive Passport to Safety - a mini-brochure which educates the public on current penalties and costs for impaired driving, and promotes strategies to prevent impaired driving, i.e. call home, take a cab, report an impaired driver
  • Annual Drive Straight® Golf Tournament
  • Special awareness days at key times of the year (heading into summer long-weekends)
  • Special projects to educate public on new legislation (such as impaired boating and suspensions for drivers with blood alcohol concentration from .05 to .08)
  • Drive Sober valentines
  • Home hosting materials

Multiple private sector and government supporters sponsor the campaign, most notably The Beer Store, Ontario's Ministry of Transportation, and SmartServe Ontario. To find out more, visit OCCID's website at or

Since 2002 OCCID has also offered Drive Straight materials and concepts to community groups/businesses to support sober driving in conjunction with local golf tournaments.

OCCID is a registered charity representing 70 anti-impaired driving organizations, associations, community action groups and individuals working to eliminate impaired driving in the province and enable people and communities to share resources and information that will prevent injuries and save lives.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

  • Project Red Ribbon

    This national campaign is delivered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada to help raise public awareness of drinking and driving issues during the holiday season. The program is designed to encourage the public to become actively involved in the fight against drunk driving by tying a MADD red ribbon to a visible place on their vehicle, such as the antenna or side mirror. The "Tie One on For Safety" campaign has grown to be one of MADD's most popular and identifiable public awareness campaigns.

  • MADD Multi-Media Presentation

    MADD's newest multi-media presentations include “Mind Control” for high school students and “Ace” for elementary school students. Both program are on tour across Ontario.

  • MADD Canada Public Awareness Programs

    MADD Canada produces a variety of public awareness programs. These programs include presentations of videos on drinking and driving. The videos are presented to secondary school students, post-secondary students, community groups and the general public by local MADD Chapter members and incorporate the true-life stories of actual impaired driving victims.

    Videos include:

    • Close to Home
    • How much is too much
    • It'll Cost You Big Time
    • Not Ready to Go - The story of 5 teens who were killed and 9 who were injured in a cannabis impaired multi-vehicle crash as told by the survivors, families and emergency services responders. Recommended for teenage audiences.
    • Prisoners for Life - Interviews with victims and with professional people (an emergency doctor, nurse, police officer, ambulance attendant, fire chief, body removal specialist, etc.) who are impacted over and over again when dealing with victims of impaired driving crashes. Recommended for professional groups or adults.
    • The Heart of the Matter - Interviews with victims describing the impact that impaired driving has had on their lives and families. Recommended for all audiences.

    To request a copy of any of these programs, contact MADD Canada:
    Toll-free: 1-800-665-6233
    Toronto area: 905-813-6233
    Fax: 905-813-8920.


iDRIVE is an exciting youth road safety program developed by the Ministry of Transportation in partnership with the Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID), Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) and The Student Life Education Company.

The program is intended to raise awareness among drivers under the age of 25 about the risks and consequences of aggressive and unsafe driving practices including impairment by alcohol and drugs.

iDRIVE features a video presentation and presenter's guide ideal for auditorium or classroom presentations. The program is available free of charge (while quantities last) to community police, public health workers, driving schools and road safety advocates.

This high-energy program delivers its message through a combination of music; expert testimonials; celebrity endorsements; interviews with college and university students; and dramatized scenarios.

To request a free copy of iDRIVE, contact the Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving at (416) 485-4411 or email

iDRIVE is available in English and French.

Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID)

OSAID is a registered charity in Ontario that began operating in the 1980s. Today this organization reaches more than 300,000 students annually. Just within the past decade OSAID has graduated over 20,000 youth leaders who are now living, working, and driving in every community throughout Ontario.

OSAID manages 400 chapters and 5000 volunteers annually, utilizing 200,000 volunteer hours to reduce driver risk and injury in the province of Ontario.  Chapters are managed through the use of adult and youth Advisory Councils covering 13 regions in Ontario. OSAID's annual provincial conference provides training, leadership, programs, resources, and inspiration for more than 300 students and student leaders. OSAID’s four-day conference held in Oakville each year engages youth and provides them with the information they need to prevent impaired driving in their respective communities.

Materials are available for students and for teachers/other adult supervisors to guide their event planning and chapter development. Ideas for school assemblies, networking within communities, local workshops, and other special events are all compiled for chapters to implement and build upon.

"Friends don't let friends drink and drive."

Visit for more information.


SMARTRISK Heroes™ is an internationally acclaimed travelling road show that encourages young people to choose to take smart risks. The goal is to help youth see the risks in their everyday lives and to take those risks in the smartest way possible so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

SMARTRISK Heroes™ combines a large-scale full-motion DVD presentation with a live talk given by a young injury survivor, who speaks candidly about how the injury has affected his or her life and presents the positive choices that can be made to reduce the risk of injury. The program's five key messages are: Buckle Up, Look First, Wear the Gear, Get Trained, Drive Sober.

SMARTRISK, a non-profit injury prevention organization, was founded in 1992 by a paediatric heart surgeon who was so distressed at the toll injury was taking on young lives that he left a career in medicine to devote his life to injury prevention.

For more information about the organization or the SMARTRISK Heroes™ program, contact SMARTRISK at
Tel: 416-977-7350
Fax: 416-596-2700
Email: or
visit them on the Web at


Available in 250 towns and cities across Ontario, 1-888 TAXIGUY encourages people to plan before they party and take a cab home by calling the toll-free number. 1-888 TAXIGUY links callers directly to a partner taxicab company in their city. TAXIGUY has facilitated approximately 450,000 rides across Canada.

Formed in 1998 through the partnership of TAXIGUY Inc. and Molson Canada, TAXIGUY is a cornerstone of Molson's Don't Drink and Drive awareness efforts. TAXIGUY also works with not-for-profit groups, community organizations such as The Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID), BACCHUS Canada and various government groups such as public health units.


  • Founded in 2003, TAXIMILES is an innovative company providing North Americans with taxi money that can be purchased or earned. This money is only negotiable for taxi fares. TAXIMILES and its partners will promote and deliver a Safe Way Home™ for everyone regardless of lifestyle, age or economic standing.  For more information, visit


Against Drunk Driving, in conjunction with Peel Regional Police, developed the OPERATION LOOKOUT® program, which is directed at stopping the hard-core impaired driver. OPERATION LOOKOUT® is a poster campaign that encourages the public to become involved and report impaired drivers. This program has grown to become one of the major anti-drinking and driving programs in North America.

There are currently 28 licensed OPERATION LOOKOUT® communities across Ontario.

To find out more, contact Canadians for Safe and Sober Driving/Against Drunk Driving care of OCCID at 416-485-4411 or

Motorcycle Rider Training (Alcohol Awareness)

Inclusion of alcohol consumption effects on motorcycle riders with a comprehensive rider-training program. "Why 0 is the only safe B.A.C. for motorcycle riders". For more information, call Marilynn Bastedo 905-522-5705 or visit

Impaired Minds Produced by Alcohol Cause Trauma (IMPACT)

Developed in 1989, the IMPACT program is targeted at Grade 11 students and is designed to demonstrate the reality of the tragedies that occur as a result of impaired driving. Students are taken on the journey of a trauma patient through ER visits, demonstrations and trauma unit visits. For more information, call Denise Polgar, (519) 685-8500, ext. 75339.

Report All Impaired Drivers (RAID)

Ontario RAID (Report All Impaired Drivers) is a province-wide community-based program to deter impaired driving and remove impaired drivers from the road. If your community would like to find out more about this program visit Orillia Against Drunk Driving or email

Drinking and Boating

Labatt WaterWise

Labatt Breweries, WaterWise trained teams visit Ontario's lakes, waterways and waterfront facilities, communicating to boaters and cottage-goers safe boating tips and instruction. Multiple private sector and government supporters sponsor the campaign.

For more information, please contact: The Labatt WaterWise Team at (705) 835-3763.

Drinking and Snowmobiling

Labatt Safe Trails

Labatt Breweries supports safe snowmobiling across Canada through its Safe Trails programs. In Ontario, the program sponsors the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs' Sled Smart Education Team. Look for the OFSC's Sled Smart Team at a snowmobile event near you.

For more information, please contact: Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs at (705) 739-7669.

Snowmobile Trail Officer Patrol Program (STOP)

A program in which trained volunteers assist the police in enforcement of the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act. For more information, call Francis Endanawas at (705) 564-6900.