Mandatory Medical Evaluation

You must undergo a mandatory medical evaluation if your driver’s licence has been suspended for impaired driving and/or you have four or more offences for any combination of:

  • A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in the “warn range” (between 0.05 and 0.08)
  • Failing a Standardized Field Sobriety Test
  • Violating zero tolerance drug and alcohol laws for young, novice and commercial drivers.

You will be sent a Substance Use Assessment form to be completed by your family doctor or a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine to determine whether you meet the medical requirements for driving in Ontario.

A Substance Use Assessment Form must be completed and submitted to the Medical Review Section for review, either by mail or fax to:


Ministry of Transportation
Medical Review Section
77 Wellesley St. W., Box 589
Toronto, ON M7A 1N3


1-800-304-7889 or 416-235-3400

Once received, the ministry will:

  • Review the information provided against the national medical standards.
  • Send you a letter informing you of the outcome of the review.
  • Expire the ignition interlock condition once the required time is served.

If the medical information is not received:

  • The ignition interlock condition will remain on your licence.  You must only drive vehicles that are equipped with an approved ignition interlock device, or you will be subject to penalties under the Highway Traffic Act.

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