Medical review

Medical and vision standards: G and M class licences
In Ontario, all drivers are required to meet basic medical and vision standards to operate a motor vehicle. Find out more about medical standards and tests for non-commercial drivers.

Medical, vision and hearing standards: commercial drivers
In Ontario, all drivers must meet basic medical and vision standards to operate motor vehicles. Higher standards apply for commercial drivers. Learn more about these requirements.

Medical standards for class G and class D drivers operating for commercial purposes in the US
Canadian drivers with class G and class D licenses must meet commercial driver medical standards to operate commercial vehicles in the United States. This includes filing medical reports on a regular basis.

Medical review of drivers
In Ontario, physicians and optometrists are required to report patients with conditions that may impair their driving ability. Learn about how the ministry reviews these reports to determine whether a driver's licence needs to be suspended.

Report a medically unfit driver: physicians
In Ontario, physicians are required by law to report patients who may be medically unfit to drive. Learn more about the medical reporting process for physicians.

Report a medically unfit driver: nurse practitioners, optometrists, police
Learn about the medical reporting process and requirements for nurse practitioners, optometrists and police in Ontario.

Approved functional assessment centres
Drivers who need to undergo a functional assessment of their fitness to drive can choose from more than 70 approved centres across the province. Consult this list to find a location near you.

Medical standards - Frequently asked questions
FAQs about Ontario's medical standards for drivers and the medical review process.

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