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Learn about the medical reporting process and requirements for nurse practitioners, optometrists and police in Ontario.

Nurse practitioners

There is currently no mandatory reporting requirement for nurse practitioners in Ontario, but they are authorized to complete the majority of ministry forms on behalf of their patients. This includes:

  • medical reports for commercial drivers
  • a wide range of condition-specific forms where additional medical information is required

Important Notice: New medical reporting requirements will come into effect on July 1, 2018. Click on the following link for additional information.


Optometrists in Ontario are required by law to report to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles any individual who may be suffering from an eye condition that may make it dangerous to drive.

The law

Optometrists must report the name, address and clinical condition of every patient 16 years of age or older who suffers from an eye condition that may make it dangerous for them to operate a motor vehicle.

You can find details about the mandatory reporting requirement for optometrists in Section 204 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Reporting form

The Ministry of Transportation has a reporting form for optometrists to use when they need to report a patient.

To obtain copies of the Vision Report to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles form: :

You can save a link to the form on your computer to access in the future. To make sure the document can be read, please do not photocopy it.

How to complete the form

When you complete the vision report form, you must include your patient's:

  • name
  • adress
  • visual acuity and visual field readings

You can also include the patient's gender and date of birth to help the ministry accurately identify the individual.

To expedite your patient's file, where applicable please provide further elaboration of the clinical condition (if available).

Note: Complex visual defects, diseases or injuries may require further assessment. These cases will be reviewed on an individual basis in accordance with the vision standards found in Ontario Regulation 340/94 and with the ministry's vision standards.

How to submit the form

Fax or mail the completed form. We suggest you keep a copy for your records. If you submit the report by fax, please do not mail the original.

By mail:

Ministry of Transportation
Registrar of Motor Vehicles
Driver Improvement Office
Medical Review Section
77 Wellesley St. W, Box 589
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3

By fax: 416-235-3400 or 1-800-304-7889


Police can report drivers who may be medically unfit to drive. These drivers may come to police attention when they investigate a collision, a public complaint or an exhibition of poor driving.

Reporting form

Police officers who want to report a medically unfit driver can:

  • provide a report on police service letterhead
  • fill out a reporting form

This form asks for key information the ministry needs to make informed decisions on whether drivers pose a threat to road safety.

Reports can be faxed to the ministry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Citizens concerned about an individual’s medical fitness to drive, should discuss their concerns with a physician or the police depending on the circumstances and their relationship with the driver.  The physician/police can then make the determination whether a report should be made to the ministry.

Contact the ministry

By mail:

Ministry of Transportation
Driver Improvement Office
Medical Review Section
77 Wellesley St. W, Box 589
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3

By phone: 416-235-1773 or 1-800-268-1481 (within Ontario)

By fax: 416-235-3400 or 1-800-304-7889

By email:

Business hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

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