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A Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

Photo of farm vehicle

Photo of a slow moving vehicle

Photo of a vehicle that carries a slow-moving sign

Photo of farm vehicle

Be Patient

A slow-moving vehicle sign is a reflective orange triangle bordered with red. It is used to warn drivers that a vehicle - as the name suggests - is moving slowly.

Slow-moving vehicles can only travel up to 40 kilometres an hour - so it's important to slow down when approaching these vehicles on the road.

While travelling behind a vehicle that carries a slow-moving vehicle sign, be extra cautious by reducing your speed and staying well back. Only pass a slow-moving vehicle when it is safe to do so.

If it is a horse drawn carriage, be aware the horse may be startled when a motor vehicle approaches and passes.

Farm vehicles, such as combines and tractors, are longer and wider and turn at places that may not be well marked, such as field entrances. Be patient. Not only are these vehicles difficult to pass, but often they do not travel very far along the road.

The vehicle is slow moving, not the mailbox!

Slow-moving vehicle signs are used on vehicles. It's against the law to attach a slow-moving vehicle sign to a roadside mailbox and the signs are not to be used as driveway markers.

If your property has a sign displayed improperly, you can receive a fine of $110!

Road Safety. It starts with you.

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