Gas Tax Program Service Commitment

Our goal

The government is committed to working with municipalities to reduce congestion, improve the environment and support economic growth. The gas tax program is a long-term source of transit funding that municipalities can count on. The program provides stable and predictable transit funding for Ontario municipalities by providing two cents per litre of provincial gas tax to improve and expand transit.

Our role is to administer the gas tax program. Our goal is to process payments to municipalities in an efficient and timely manner.

How to contact us

By mail:

Rita De Bartolo
Ministry of Transportation
Policy and Planning Division
Division Services and Program Management Office
777 Bay St. 27th Floor, Suite 2702
Toronto, ON, M7A 2J8

By phone:

Monday to Friday during normal business hours
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Not available on holidays
(416) 585-7129

By email:

Our commitment to you

  • We will mail four copies of the Letter of Agreement to each municipality within one business day of the gas tax program announcement.
  • Gas tax payments are paid on a quarterly basis. Gas tax payments will be paid to the municipality within 30 business days of the start of the quarter, subject to the two signed Letters of Agreement and acceptable authorizing municipal bylaw being received prior to the start of the quarter.
  • Thefinal quarterly payment will be paid to the municipality subject to the receipt of all of the final, correctly-completed gas tax reporting forms.

How you can help us help you

  • Return two signed Letters of Agreement and authorizing municipal bylaw by the due date indicated in the initial cover letter received by the municipal head of council.
  • When completing gas tax reporting forms MT-O-16, MT-O-17 and MT-O-18:
    • Information on forms MT-O-16, MT-O-17 and MT-O-18 must be reported on a cash basis.
    • If a reserve balance was reported at the end of the previous calendar year, interest must be reported on the current year forms.
    • Gas tax expenditures reported on forms MT-O-17 and MT-O-18 must match Section B on form MT-O-16.
    • To capture information on vehicles purchased using gas tax funds, complete Part C on forms MT-O-17 and MT-O-18, Transit Vehicle Procurement information.

How to provide feedback

We value your opinion and want to hear what you think about the quality of our service. Your compliments let us know where we are performing well. Your complaints help us to improve the quality of our services and information.

We will manage your feedback in a timely and professional manner. We will respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality. You don't have to tell us your name if you don't want to, but, if you have a complaint, it will help us keep you informed about our progress in addressing it.

Please provide us with your feedback.

We also welcome your comments on the telephone, teletypewriter (TTY) and through client satisfaction surveys.

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