MTO Service Commitments

The Ministry of Transportation is committed to providing you with excellent service that meets your needs. Our program service commitments explain what you can expect from us and how you can provide feedback on the quality of our service.

Corridor Management Permit Applications

Anyone planning to construct on or adjacent to a provincial highway may require a permit from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

The ministry's Corridor Management Offices is committed to providing prompt and clear information and guidance to help process your building, entrance, sign and encroachment applications, as well, streamlining the review processes for residential subdivision proposals

Gas Tax Program

The government is committed to working with municipalities to reduce congestion, improve the environment and support economic growth. The gas tax program is a long-term source of transit funding that municipalities can count on. The program provides stable and predictable transit funding for Ontario municipalities by providing two cents per litre of provincial gas tax to improve and expand transit.

International Registration Plan

Licensing services for commercial motor vehicle carriers that travel through multiple jurisdictions to help facilitate travel and commerce, while reducing unnecessary inter-jurisdictional overlap. The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a registration reciprocity agreement among states of the United States and provinces of Canada that allows apportionable fees on the basis of total distance operated in all jurisdictions. The Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alaska and Mexico are not members of the plan.

Medical Review

To improve driver safety in Ontario by providing medical review programs that include suspending driving privileges for drivers found to be unfit due to medical reasons and reinstating driving privileges for those individuals deemed to meet the medical standards.

In Ontario, all drivers must meet basic medical standards to operate a motor vehicle. Higher medical standards apply for those wishing to drive a commercial vehicle.

Road Construction Report

To provide road construction information for provincial highways in English and French and make the information continuously available to the public by Internet, telephone, and teletypewriter (TTY). Road construction information is updated weekly.

Road Test Appointment Booking

Ontario's driver examination services are delivered at DriveTest Centres, operated by Serco DES Inc. (Serco), on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation.

Road test appointments at Driver Examination Centres* are available within 42 days of the date requested.

(*excludes some part-time travel points)

Snow and Ice Control

To deliver snow and ice control services on provincial highways and get back to bare pavement within standard times for at least 90% after a winter storm.

There are snow and ice control time standards for highways to be restored to normal conditions after a storm has ended. The standard varies depending on winter traffic volume and road type. For example, the standard is eight hours, after the end of a storm, for high volume highways. Some highways with lower volumes are maintained in snow-packed conditions throughout the winter.

Ontario's snow and ice control standards are consistent with the best practices used across North America.

Winter Road Conditions

To provide winter road condition information for provincially maintained highways to the public in English and French. Information can be accessed by telephone, Internet, or teletypewriter (TTY).

Wolfe Island/Kingston and Glenora/Adolphustown Ferry Services

The Ministry of Transportation owns and operates the Wolfe Island/Kingston and Glenora/Adolphustown ferry services. It provides free, year-round service on a first-come, first-served basis.