2012 Service Commitment Report

The Medical Review Section, Driver Improvement Office (DIO), is committed to improving road user safety and mobility in Ontario by efficiently and effectively delivering medical review programs based on policy and legislation.  

Service Commitment

  • The Medical Review Section will review your case and take appropriate action within 30 business days 90% of the time.  In cases where additional information is required, additional time may be needed.


  • Performance is measured by turnaround time of case processing.


  • MTO wants to help people who meet medical standards get back on the road – in these cases, MTO met the service commitment 76% of the time.
  • For cases which result in suspensions, MTO met the service commitment 67% of the time.
  • When MTO needs to seek the advice of others (physicians, professional driver fitness assessors) it takes more time to complete the case review.

Action to Address Performance Issues:

  • In order to improve overall efficiency and customer service, in 2011 MTO invited the Ministry of Finance’s Internal Audit Branch to conduct a Business Process Review of the Medical Review Section.
  • The final report was received in April 2012.
  • In addition to implementing many of the audit’s recommendations, MTO has been modernizing the medical review program.
  • We are changing the way we do business to improve customer service and prepare for the demands of the future through the following:
    • Improving our medical reporting forms so doctors send us better and more concise information.
    • Continuing to work with staff to maximize the use of technology for faster, more efficient case processing.
    • Developing electronic reporting for doctors to report drivers with a medical condition that makes them unfit to drive a motor vehicle.