Sustainability inSight

Letter from the Deputy Minister

Carol Layton, Sous ministre de Transport

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s sustainability strategy, Sustainability inSight.  Through this strategy, MTO is affirming its commitment to become a more sustainable organization and to increase the sustainability of Ontario’s provincial transportation network.

MTO’s business lines are diverse and span great distances.  Therefore, if we are going to set a course for the ministry, we must first articulate a shared vision of where we are going.  That is what Sustainability inSight does.  It outlines seven strategic goals for a more sustainable future.  It establishes a new, ongoing process for pursuing actions that will ensure we are continually improving our performance.  It will help us to deliver on one of our top priorities: to integrate sustainability into our programs, policies, and internal business practices.

Created by MTO staff, for MTO staff, this strategy represents the collective insight and passion of many of the people working here.  MTO’s Sustainable Transportation Policy Office, in the Transportation Policy Branch, worked in partnership with the Sustainability Enabler Network (SEN), which included staff representatives from across the province, and all divisions of the ministry.  Harnessing their knowledge, experience and creativity resulted in a strategy that is thoughtful, thorough, and far-sighted.  I am confident that by channelling those skills into the implementation phase, we can achieve our goals.

With sustainability in my sight, it is my hope that this collaborative approach will characterize not just the work within MTO, but also in the interactions we have across government, as well as with our stakeholders, industry, and the public. Together, we can all move towards our common goal of putting sustainability into practice.


Carol Layton
Deputy Minister