Sustainability inSight


The sustainability strategy initiative was developed and led by staff in the Sustainable Transportation Policy Office of the Transportation Policy Branch. Work on the project spanned over two years and involved numerous people. Some contributions were brief but valuable; others, like those of Louise Smith and Meghan MacMillan, were inspirational and constant. All however, were important.

Linda McAusland
Elizabeth Kay-zorowski
Theresa Baguio
Susanna Klopfer
Meghan MacMillan

Milena Pandy
Taras Sakac
Louise Smith
Jessica Soedirgo
Jennifer Sun

Much of the success of this initiative can be attributed to the ongoing efforts of the Sustainability Enabler Network, including those officially nominated by their directors, as well as those who volunteered at different stages to contribute their input and expertise. We would like to acknowledge the individuals listed below for the significant contribution they made to Sustainability inSight.

Riaz Ahmed, PHM - Head Office
Loretta Allen, PRESTO Farecard
Beth Bertone, CSD
Donna Bickerstaffe, PHM - Eastern
Tim Bilton, CSD
Karen Boucher, PHM - Eastern
Brenda Carruthers, P&P
Andrew Davidson, RUS
Jennifer Edwards, P&P
Kevin English, PHM - West
Stephen Erwin, PHM - Head Office
Mandeep Flora, RUS
Ian Freeman, CSD
Susan Gallimore, P&P
Bill Gibson, CSD
Heather Glass, PHM - Central
Sasha Gollish, PHM
Karl Groskopf, RUS
Mark Hachey, ETC
Jalees Hafeez, CSD
Steve Holmes, PHM
Brenda Johnston, PHM - Eastern
Shaf Khan, CSD
Faisal Khan, PHM - Central
Debbie Kontos, RUS
Brian Kope, PHM - West
Louisa Lam, ETC
Becca Lane, PHM - Central
Jamie Lauzon, PHM - Central
Dan Leake, PHM - West
Jeannie Lee, P&P
Keith Madill, RUS
Ross McAneeley, PHM - Northwestern
Dave McAvoy, PHM - Eastern
Heather McClintock, PHM
Glenn Mcielwain, PHM - Eastern
Dan McKnight, P&P
Bryan Moncion, Audit
Wes Mound, PHM - Northwestern
Michael Nadeau, PHM - Northeastern
Karen Nicol, PHM - Eastern
Jay Nuttall, P&P
Natasha Persaud, P&P
Jason Ranger, PHM - Northeastern
Mary Louise Robertson, ETC
Mary Rollinson-Lorimer, P&P
Susan Sieradzki, PHM - Central
Mandip Kaur Singh, ETC
Shawn Smith, PHM - Central
Simon So, P&P
Glenn Speirs, PHM - Northwestern
Ron Turcotte, PHM - Northeastern
John Van Voorst, PHM - Central