Sustainability inSight

Conclusion: Building on our Momentum

MTO has a long and strong tradition of making significant contributions to the quality of life that we enjoy in Ontario. Making Ontario's transportation system more sustainable is one more area where MTO can make a meaningful contribution. This strategy will help us do that.

This strategy is a living document - one that will keep evolving as we implement it. As we gain experience in confronting challenges to our province's sustainability, we will adapt our implementation plans to our changing needs.

The strategy was developed through considerable ministry-wide collaboration, which provides a solid foundation for driving a cultural shift towards sustainability within MTO. In every part of MTO, in every region and division, we want to keep sustainability in our sights. Ministry staff are clear in their commitment to enhancing sustainability in all that we do. We are confident that the diverse talents, skills and experience of MTO staff members will result in many creative solutions to sustainability challenges.

Roles and Responsibilities

All of us at MTO - regardless of position - have a role to play in promoting sustainability, so that it becomes deeply rooted in the way we do business. Every level of our organization must demonstrate this commitment. MTO's senior management team will be the strategy's champions. Our directors will be sponsors, responsible and accountable for delivering individual sustainability action items. The members of the Sustainability Enablers Network will be ambassadors - continuing to advise on the implementation of the strategy, and helping to increase awareness of sustainability within the ministry. In addition, enablers will transition to a new role as MTO's Green Team that will support the OPS Green Transformation, focused on greening the OPS' internal operations.

We will establish working groups and project teams to support the development and implementation of action items. The Sustainable Transportation Policy Office team will be the facilitators - leading the implementation of the sustainability strategy, supporting MTO working groups and project teams, and tracking and reporting on progress. Everyone working at MTO will be practitioners of the strategy, using it as a tool in problem-solving and decision-making.

We know that we will not be able to transform the transportation system on our own. We have identified what we can do as a ministry to think and behave in a more sustainable manner, but we will need to work with members of the public, the private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, other provincial ministries and other levels of government to fully realize the potential of a sustainable transportation system in Ontario. As we implement the strategy, we welcome suggestions for strengthening it.

MTO's sustainability strategy was created by our staff, for our staff, to make the ministry more sustainable and to make a positive difference in the lives of all Ontarians. We look forward to sharing our successes within the ministry and with our stakeholders, partners and the public.