Sustainability inSight

An innovative strategy for Ontario's Ministry of Transportation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has a long and strong tradition of making significant contributions to the quality of life that we enjoy in Ontario. We want to build on this history in shaping the future of our ministry and our province - a future that is sustainable.

Ontario's transportation network is one of the most complex in North America. It touches every person in the province in some way. It takes individuals and families to stores, medical appointments, recreational activities, family gatherings, work and vacation destinations. It moves products to local, national and international markets.

MTO policies, programs and services keep this transportation network safe and reliable. In addition, we provide financial support for the province's municipal and regional transit systems. We are also among the largest purchasers in the Ontario government. Our 3,800 employees, working throughout the province, keep all these programs and services running efficiently.

Climate change, a provincial population that is aging, growing traffic congestion and increasing urbanization are all factors that are putting pressure not only on the province's transportation system but also on the environment. Given the breadth and scope of our mandate, MTO has a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in Ontario's economic, social and environmental sustainability - helping us to be a good neighbour, provincially, nationally and globally. Sustainability inSight is our guide to achieve this. It has information on:

  • why it is important for MTO to have a sustainability strategy
  • what our goals are for more sustainable transportation
  • how we intend to achieve our goals

Quick Facts about MTO

MTO is responsible for:

  • over 16,500 kilometres of roads
  • 2,800 bridges and culverts
  • 29 remote airports
  • 8 ferry services
  • several shortline railways
  • over 180 traffic cameras, managing traffic congestion and prompt accident response

In Ontario, there are:

  • 10.9 million registered vehicles
  • approximately 420,000 vehicles driving along the busiest stretch of Highway 401 near Highway 400 on an average weekday
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