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Official Road Map of Ontario - Map Information

The Official Road Map (ORM) of Ontario is produced by the Geomatics Office, Ministry of Transportation Ontario. The map information is compiled to January 1, 2016.

What's New?

The Web pages have been updated to show the 2016 Official Road Map of Ontario.

Purchase an Official Road Map of Ontario

Copies can be ordered online from ServiceOntario Publications. (Hint: Search the online catalogue for "Official Road Map")

Complimentary copies of the Official Road Map of Ontario are available through the Ministry of Tourism and provided at Provincial Travel Information Centres.

Using the Official Road Map of Ontario Online

Please note that many of the maps on this site are large and may take some time to download, depending on your connection.

Map Tiling

The online files are generated from the same files used for the printed map. However, to reduce the size of the online files without compromising map quality, the map is divided into smaller map sheets.

Like the printed version, the Official Road Map of Ontario Online is separated into two sections - Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario.

The Southern Ontario road map has been further cut into 11 map sheets to minimize file sizes. Each map sheet for Southern Ontario is designed to print on letter-size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) at a similar scale to the Official Road Map of Ontario (1:700,000). A scale bar is provided on each map sheet for convenience and to confirm the scale of the map after printing.

Likewise, the Northern Ontario road map has been cut into eight map sheets, numbered Map 12 through Map 19, and designed to print on legal size paper (8.5 inches by 14 inches) at an approximate scale of 1:1,600,000.

The enlargements shown on the Official Road Map of Ontario are also available with the appropriate Southern Ontario or Northern Ontario index.

Place-Name Index

The place-name index lists all the cities, towns, villages and communities shown on the Official Road Map of Ontario in alphabetical order. Next to each entry in the place-name index are the map sheets and enlargements where you will find that place-name. The grid reference is provided in brackets for each place-name on the map sheet. Match the letter and number from the grid reference to the corresponding letter and number on the map border to locate the grid cell where the place-name will be on the map sheet.

Reported Problems

My map doesn't print properly - I get extra lines, or just a black page.

Try printing the map using the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

Acrobat Reader opens but I get a blank page.

  • Make sure you are using Adobe Reader version 6 or a more recent version.
  • There is a known bug with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0x and earlier when it loads some PDF files. You may want to try another browser.
  • Some of the map sheets are large and the map may take some time to download depending on your connection speed and the response of the internet. (The size of each map is provided in brackets on the download page.) When using Adobe Reader, the page may appear blank until the entire file is available. Sometimes refreshing your browser solves the problem.
  • The maps may not display if the cache in your computer is full. Try deleting the history files and temporary internet files for your browser and then reloading the maps.
  • Instead of opening the file within the Internet browser's window, you could also save the PDF file to your computer, and open the file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. To save the file to your computer's hard disk, right-click the map name and select "Save Target As..."

Adobe Format (PDF)

The Adobe Reader (version 6 or newer) is required to view the map sheets and enlargements.

Adobe Reader can be used to zoom in or out or move (pan) to an area of interest. The find feature in Adobe Reader can be used to match and find text. This feature can be used to locate places of interest.

The graphics select tool can be used to copy a selected area of the map for pasting into other applications (with due regard for copyright).