Ontario Highway Service Centres

Nineteen New Highway Service Centres Now Open To Serve Travellers Better!

Trenton North Service Centre
Trenton North

These nineteen centres along Highway 400 and Highway 401 are now fully open:

  • Tilbury South (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Windsor and Chatham Kent
  • Tilbury North (Highway 401 - westbound), between Chatham Kent and Windsor
  • West Lorne (Highway 401 - westbound), between London and Chatham Kent
  • Woodstock (Highway 401 - eastbound), - between Ingersoll and Woodstock
  • Dutton (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Chatham Kent and London
  • Bainsville (Highway 401 - westbound), near the Quebec/Ontario border
  • Trenton North (Highway 401 - westbound), between Trenton and Cobourg
  • Morrisburg (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Prescott and Cornwall
  • Trenton South (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Cobourg and Trenton
  • Ingleside (Highway 401 - westbound), between Cornwall and Morrisburg
  • Mallorytown North (Highway 401 - westbound), between Ingleside and Kingston
  • Napanee (Highway 401 - westbound), between Belleville and Kingston
  • Odessa (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Kingston and Belleville
  • Port Hope (Highway 401 - eastbound), near Port Hope
  • Mallorytown South (Highway 401 - eastbound), between Kingston and Cornwall
  • Cambridge North (Highway 401 – westbound), between Cambridge and Guelph
  • Cambridge South (Highway 401 – eastbound), between Guelph and Cambridge
  • Barrie (Highway 400 – northbound), near Barrie
  • King City ( Highway 400 - northbound), between Maple and King City

Onroute Logo

Along our highways travellers can now see the ONroute logo advising drivers that a service centre is just ahead.

In Ontario, redevelopment of the next service centre is in progress at the following site:

  • Cookstown – Highway 400 southbound

In all, 20 of Ontario’s 23 service centres are scheduled to be redesigned to include modern amenities, fuel and restaurant services, enhanced tourism information and upgraded, accessible comfort facilities. Three others were redeveloped in the 1990s. The newly modernized centres will showcase Ontario’s hospitality and attractions, and provide a safe place for travellers to rest, eat and refuel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round.

The new centres are unique to their locality and while the architecture is contemporary, the forms and materials used are rooted in tradition. Three distinctive and readily recognizable components have been incorporated into the design: glass atriums with sloped glass walls covered by sloped metal roofs; stone walls that anchor the buildings; and wood trellises and canopies.

Ontario’s new service centres are also more environmentally friendly. The Ontario Highway Service Centre project has been recognized by the Canadian Green Building Council for its LEED certification, which acknowledges the design, construction and operation of high performance, sustainable green buildings. Energy efficient window glazing allows for natural light to fill both the customer seating areas and the interior areas of the structure, allowing less artificial lighting to be used during the day. At night, the centres are clearly visible to drivers from the highways.

We regret any inconvenience temporary closures may cause travellers during the remainder of the redevelopment process, but you can rest assured that the results will be worth the wait.  In the meantime, please see our construction schedule to help plan your trip.

Service Centres Construction Schedule

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Map of Ontario service centres


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