Service Centres

Ontario’s new ONroute highway service centres - construction schedule

The final service centre being redeveloped – Cookstown, closed February 1, 2013 to commence cleanup activities. Options for redevelopment of the Cookstown site are under review however; it is anticipated that the Cookstown service centre will fully open by summer 2015. To date, 19 ONroute centres have opened across Ontario.   

Twenty of Ontario’s 23 centres are being modernized to meet the changing needs of today’s highway travellers. The service centres were built in the 1960s, and while three centres were rebuilt in the 1990s, the other 20 are being updated to reflect travel expectations and to provide better parking, more comfortable and accessible restrooms and restaurants and tourist information.

View a map of Ontario’s new ONroute highway service centre locations or use the Ontario Traveller’s Road Information Portal TRIP website. In the navigation list at the left of the map, under Traveller Info, select the service centres box. The Service Centres will appear as black and white S signs. Click the signs to view information on each centre.

Tilburry South tourist information service centre
Tilbury South Tourist Information Centre

Map of the status of Ontario highway service centres