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Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I get on Ontario 511 and where does it come from?

The Ontario 511 phone line provides up-to-date road condition, closures and construction information for all provincial highways. Road conditions and closures are reported to regional communication centres by Area Maintenance Contractors who patrol the highways and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Construction information is provided by regional Ministry of Transportation staff.

Is Ontario 511 accessible across Ontario?

Yes, the Ontario 511 telephone service is available throughout Ontario and is free. Road closures are posted on Twitter in English @511Ontario and in French @Ontario511. Detailed road information is also online at

Can you call 5-1-1 while driving?

The Ontario law prohibits the use of handheld devices while driving. If calling 511 while driving use Bluetooth hands-free technology; Ontario 511 uses voice recognition technology that meets hands-free legislation. Preferably, where possible to do so, pull over to the road shoulder before calling 511 or consult 511 on the ministry’s online traveller information website before driving.

How can Ontario 511 information be used by the public?

Ontario 511 road information can assist provincial road travellers with planning travel routes, avoiding congestion due to poor weather conditions, construction or road closures, and receiving critical information when emergencies or events arise.

How does Ontario 511 accommodate people with speech, visual or hearing impairments?

The 511 phone line provides a touch-tone backup system to its voice recognition technology. The online interactive map provides visual aids and text versions that meet accessibility standards. Agents are also available during business hours. A TTY number is available for users with hearing impairments; if you wish to use this service dial 1-866-471-8929.

How often is Ontario 511 information updated?

Information related to road closures is updated as closure information is received. Road construction project information is updated daily. Road condition information is updated a minimum of five times daily from October to April; or as conditions change.

How do I call Ontario 511 if I am travelling in another province or state?

Ontario 511 is part of a North American approach to providing weather and traveller information services. Most American states, six Canadian provinces and one Canadian territory currently provide this service. If you wish to call Ontario 511 toll free while driving in another province or state, dial 1-866-929-4257.

How do I report a highway problem or any other maintenance issues?

Please contact the appropriate highway maintenance contractor in your area.

To view a map of the maintenance contract areas and phone numbers, click on the links below:

Northern Ontario- PDF (563 KB)

Southern Ontario - PDF (450 KB)

To provide a comment regarding winter maintenance on Ontario provincial highways, you can contact the ministry by email: or or directly dial 1-844-507-1427 and leave a detailed message.

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