Get or renew CVOR certificate

Operators registered in Ontario must keep a copy of a valid CVOR certificate in each truck and bus they operate in Ontario. Find out how to apply for a CVOR certificate.

** Attention Tow Truck Operators

All tow truck operators require a valid CVOR certificate.

This applies to tow trucks, including:

  • A motor vehicle commonly known as a tow truck;
  • A commercial motor vehicle with a flatbed that can tilt to load and that is used exclusively to tow or transport other motor vehicles; and
  • A motor vehicle that is designed, modified, configured or equipped so that it is capable of towing other motor vehicles.

If you only operate tow trucks, you must tell DriveTest staff you are a tow truck operator prior to writing the CVOR test.  After you have fulfilled the application requirements and passed the test, your CVOR certificate will be sent to you.

To assist you in the application process and to help you prepare for the test, a step by step tutorial is available.

Modernization of CVOR Program

  • New and updated CVOR forms are available for download from the Ontario government's Central Forms Repository via the links in the Forms section at the bottom of this page. Clients should no longer use the old forms.
  • Commercial vehicle operators in Ontario are still required to carry a valid CVOR certificate or a copy in their vehicles. CVOR certificates now have an expiry date printed on them. They are now produced using plain white paper rather than controlled stock.
  • Carrier abstracts requested by mail or online via the Commercial Vehicle Operator Products website have changes to the look and feel. However, the information contained within the abstract will remain the same. Abstracts requested via the online channel are now available in Adobe Acrobat PDF.
  • Carrier’s interested in having a voluntary facility audit conducted to improve their safety rating, may now download a Voluntary Request for an MTO Audit form.

Get a CVOR certificate

Apply for an original CVOR certificate

To apply for a CVOR certificate, an operator must:

On the application, you will need to provide information about the operator, such as:

  • the type of operation
  • corporate officers, directors and partners
  • estimated fleet size and kilometres travelled for the upcoming year
  • if operating currently, your actual fleet size and kilometres travelled in the past year
  • an authorized signature

Additional documents may be required for new applicants.

If you need to take the CVOR written test, the ministry will notify you by sending a letter. This letter will give you instructions on how to proceed.

If you don't need to write the test, the ministry will continue to process your application.

CVOR written test

If required, new operators will need to pass the CVOR written test in person at a DriveTest Centre. It will test your knowledge of Ontario's safety laws. You should complete the CVOR test after the ministry has accepted your application for a CVOR certificate and you have received the "CVOR Test Required Letter".

Preparing for the CVOR test

The CVOR test is multiple-choice and based on the content of the Commercial Vehicle Operators Safety Manual. You can also prepare by completing the CVOR practise test.

For more information on the CVOR written test see the Commercial Vehicle Operators Safety Manual; Module 4 "Commercial Vehicle Operators' Registration".

Receiving the CVOR certificate

After you have fulfilled all the application requirements, your CVOR certificate will be sent to you. You must put a copy of the certificate in each of the vehicles operating under that CVOR certificate. CVOR certificates now have an expiry date printed on them and are produced using plain white paper rather than controlled stock.

Renew a CVOR certificate

All CVOR certificates have an expiry date and must be renewed before they expire. The renewal fee is $51.

Operators must renew their registration yearly or every two years, depending on their safety rating:

  • Satisfactory-unaudited or conditional: renew each year
  • Satisfactory or excellent: renew every two years

Operators will be sent a notice of expiry and a renewal application 60 days prior to expiry. You must return the renewal application to the ministry 15 days before the expiry date.

You must complete the following on the CVOR renewal form or your renewal application will be returned without being processed:

  1. total number of vehicles
  2. kilometres travelled in Ontario
  3. kilometres travelled in the rest of Canada
  4. kilometres travelled in United States and Mexico
  5. number of drivers,
  6. authorized signature of the corporate officer or designated representative

You will need to provide the actual number of vehicles operated,  kilometres travelled and number of drivers for the past year, as well as estimates for the upcoming year.

Replace a CVOR certificate

To replace a lost or stolen CVOR certificate:

  1. complete the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) Replacement Application
  2. submit your application and the $35.75 fee by mail to the address on the form

Fees for CVOR certificates

New fees will apply to any application received on or after July 12, 2019.

Fees for CVOR certificate 2018 As of July 12, 2019
To apply for an original CVOR certificate $250 $255
To renew a CVOR certificate each renewal period $50 $51
To re-instate a CVOR certificate after it has been invalid for more than 12 months $250 $255
CVOR written test $32 $32
Replacement CVOR certificate $35 $35.75

Change a CVOR certificate

If you have registered as a commercial vehicle operator and have been issued a CVOR certificate, you must keep your records up to date. This includes keeping track of the number of commercial motor vehicles you are operating and the number of kilometres they travel in a 12-month period and notifying the ministry as needed following the criteria below.

Notify the ministry

You must notify the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) within 15 days:

  • when changing your company address
  • when changing your company name
  • of changes to corporate officers or addresses of corporate officers
  • if your fleet size or the number of kilometres travelled in Canada/Ontario is more than 20% of what was reported at time you registered or renewed

To have an update form sent to you, please email your request to or contact a client service representative at 1800-387-7736 or 416-246-7166.

How to amalgamate corporations

  1. provide a copy of the Certificate/Articles of Amalgamation showing the names of the companies involved.
  2. confirm whether there has been a change of control and if so, the effective date.
  3. keep a copy of your request in your vehicle(s) until the information on your registration matches your CVOR certificate.

The Registrant Identification Numbers (RIN) for each company will merge into one, known as the surviving RIN. All active plates are automatically transferred to the "surviving RIN".

Commercial vehicle operator products (abstracts)

CVOR Abstracts

A CVOR Abstract is a document that displays information about a carrier and their safety performance or a driver for any events, including collisions, convictions and inspections, while driving a commercial motor vehicle. There are three CVOR Abstracts available:

  1. CVOR Driver Abstract
    1. a five-year record of collisions, safety-related offences convictions and inspections relating to the driver (while operating a commercial motor vehicle in Ontario only.) It also shows the driver licence status and medical due date.
    2. available to the general public
  2. CVOR Abstract (Level I)
    1. one-page summary document
    2. summarizes a carrier's record for a two-year period
    3. available to the general public
  3. CVOR Abstract (Level II)
    1. includes summary data for a two-year period
    2. provides detailed event data for collisions, convictions and inspections for a five-year period
    3. available to the carrier only

Ordering Abstracts

Carrier abstracts can be ordered several ways:

  • By Mail

    Complete the application form and mail to the address on the form. The CVOR Level 2 abstract is only mailed to the carrier address on file, except where a letter is provided (on corporate letterhead) stating the abstract should be sent to another individual/address. Please note that abstract fulfillment is typically 15 business days from receipt.

    If paying by credit card, please complete and attach the Credit Card Authorization form.

    If paying by cheque, please include two cheques when ordering Carrier abstracts along with other Driver or Vehicle abstracts. More information is provided on the Record Search Application form.

Other Information Products

  1. CVOR Data Records

    You can submit a request to obtain specific data related to Carriers registration or performance records from the MTO database. These records are provided following a signed agreement. Data Search requests are sent directly to Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office, 301 St. Paul St.  3rd Floor, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 7R4

  2. Commercial Vehicle Inspection Reports (CVIR)

    CVIR reports are completed by officers when conducting a level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 inspection of a driver and/or commercial motor vehicle. Copies of these reports can be requested through the Carrier Enforcement Program Office by completing the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Report (CVIR) form.

Carrier safety rating program

A carrier safety rating is a public label assigned to commercial truck and bus operators based on the company's safety record.


The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) monitors carriers and assigns one of five possible safety ratings. Safety ratings are established using on road performance and facility audits:

  1. Excellent
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Satisfactory-Unaudited
  4. Conditional
  5. Unsatisfactory

These ratings provide information about the carrier's safety performance. They are available to the public. Carriers with good safety ratings can promote themselves to potential customers and carriers with poor safety ratings are easily identified.

Free services

Facility audits

Facility audits are an important part of Ontario's highway safety program. They work hand-in-hand with highway enforcement and give carriers the opportunity to learn more about their safety responsibilities.

The facility audit is a "risk-based" assessment of the factors that contribute to commercial motor vehicle collisions. The facility audit consists of three profiles:

  1. qualifications, records and reporting
  2. hours of service
  3. vehicle maintenance

Based on results of the audit, MTO will create a profile of the carrier's safety performance and assign a score. The ministry will discuss the results with a corporate officer or senior official of the company.
Charges can be laid as a result of an audit and could result in conviction points on a carrier's CVOR record.
For more information: Highway Traffic Act Regulation 424/97 - Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator's Information and the Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety manual: Module 6 “Facility Audit and Operator Monitoring and Intervention

Errors on CVOR records

An operator is required to notify the ministry when a change occurs to their CVOR record or if it finds outdated information, such as its address, contact information, fleet or rate of travel information.

If an operator's CVOR record shows an event that is incorrect, the operator should contact the Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office. A CVOR Analyst will investigate the complaint and make corrections to the record, if necessary.

Updates to this information can be made by emailing your request to or contact a client service representative at 1800-387-7736 or 416-246-7166.


  1. Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) Application
  2. Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) Replacement Application
  3. Voluntary Termination of Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) Certificate
  4. Prepaid Account Authorization Application
  5. Representative and Service Provider Authorization/Update Application
  6. Credit Card Authorization
  7. Commercial Vehicle Operator's Record Data Request Application
  8. Commercial Vehicle Inspection Report (CVIR) form
  9. Record Search Application (with or without address)
  10. Voluntary Request for MTO Facility Audit

Contact the ministry

By mail:

Ministry of Transportation
Carrier Safety and Enforcement Branch
301 St. Paul Street, 3rd Floor
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7R4

By phone:

1-800-387-7736 (within Ontario) or 1-416-246-7166

By fax:

905-704-2039 or 905-704-2525

By Email:

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