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The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is committed to making Ontario’s roads safer for everyone. Ontario is a leader in truck safety standards and enforcement, with some of the toughest safety laws in North America. The province has approximately 58,000 commercial carriers actively operating on Ontario’s roadways.

Ontario has announced mandatory entry-level training for new Commercial Class A truck drivers. Individuals seeking a Class A licence in Ontario need to successfully complete mandatory entry-level training before attempting the Class A road test, effective July 1, 2017. Individuals who already have a Class A licence will not be required to take training. Applicants for a Class A or D licence will also be taking a newly updated road and knowledge tests.

The initial knowledge test has been rewritten to accommodate these changes. The information you will need to know for the new knowledge and road test has been included in this handbook.

Some improvements you may notice include a new chapter called The Road Test, plus expanded information on backing, roundabout and load security.

The mandatory entry-level course will take approximately four to six weeks to complete, with course content by a ministry-approved provider.

This handbook is designed to help people applying for a Class A or D driver’s licence. It contains the information you need to meet the standards for those licences, and sets out the skills you will be expected to perform during a driving test. It also outlines the many safety initiatives the ministry has introduced, as well as detailing the best practices for safe and responsible operation of a commercial vehicle.

The information in this book is only a guide to help, a new driver understand the basic rules, legislation and regulation in the province. For further details consult the Highway Traffic Act and its regulations.

Drive Safely.