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I. Legislation

These Acts and regulations govern truck driving in Ontario.

  1. The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and the following regulations govern the driver, the vehicle and equipment, weight and numbers of passengers that a driver can carry: Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections Reg. 199/07; Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators’ Information Reg. 424/97; Covering of Loads R.R.O.1990. Reg.577; Critical Defects of Commercial Motor Vehicles O.Reg.512/97; Equipment R.R.O.1990.Reg.587; Hours of Service O.Reg.555/06; Safety Inspections R.R.O.1990.Reg.611; Security of Loads O.Reg.363/04.
  2. Dangerous Goods Transportation Act regulates the transportation of dangerous goods, including required documentation, handling, safety markings (labels and placards) and the certification of drivers.