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III. A and D licence classes and requirements
Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR)

CVOR is the registration system that tracks the safety performance of truck and bus operations in Ontario.

A commercial vehicle operator is a person or company that is responsible for the operation of a truck or bus, including the conduct of the driver, mechanical condition of the vehicle and the safe transportation of goods or passengers.

A CVOR certificate is required to operate trucks having a registered plated weight (or actual weight) over 4,500 kilograms (9,920 lbs) and buses designed to carry 10 or more passengers. This rule applies to vehicles that are plated in Ontario, the United States or Mexico and that travel in Ontario.

To register for a CVOR certificate a carrier must complete a “Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration” certificate application.

A fee of $255 will apply for the application and issuance of an original CVOR certificate.

Commercial Vehicles Exceptions

  • Ambulances
  • Fire department vehicles
  • Hearses and casket wagons
  • Motor homes

Personal Use Exemptions

  • Buses that are used for personal purposes
  • Commercial motor vehicles leased for no longer than 30 days for personal use by an individual (for example, moving own household goods) or used for the transportation of passengers without compensation
  • Most pick-up trucks being used for personal purposes (without compensation) and not carrying, or towing a trailer that is carrying cargo or tools or equipment normally used for commercial purposes

Permit Exemptions

  • Commercial motor vehicles operating under the authority of an In-Transit permit
  • Temporary permits and number plates in the possession of vehicle manufacturers, vehicles dealers, or businesses that repair, road test, customize or modify vehicles

The CVOR record contains information that includes:

  • Carrier information (kilometric travel, violation rates, safety rating)
  • Reportable collisions
  • Convictions that are entered against the operator and/or any drivers that operates under your CVOR certificate.
  • All inspections of the operator’s fleet, with or without defects.

All items remain on the operator’s CVOR record for a period of five years from the date of the offence.

If an operator’s record becomes unacceptable, the ministry may send a warning letter to the operator, conduct an audit or request that the operator attend a meeting to discuss the record. If the operator’s record does not improve, the ministry may impose sanctions, including the cancellation or suspension of the CVOR certificate, plates and permits.