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Vehicle safety, maintenance and daily inspections
Annual inspection certificate

Operators are responsible for having each of their vehicles and trailers inspected each year by a licensed motor-vehicle inspection mechanic. The mechanic checks to ensure that the vehicle or trailer is in compliance with all of the inspection requirements contained in the appropriate standard of the National Safety Code 11, Part B. To read NSC standard 11 for Periodic Commercial Motor Vehicle Maintenance Inspections (PMVI) standards, visit CCMTA’s website at This standard has been adopted through regulation under the Highway Traffic Act.

If the vehicle/trailer is in compliance with all requirements, the mechanic or another person authorized by the inspection station completes an annual inspection certificate and an annual inspection record. These documents come with a corresponding annual inspection sticker (decal), which indicates the vehicle type, as well as the month and year of the inspection. The mechanic or other authorized person places the decal on the outside lower left corner of the windshield or left side of the truck cab, or on the outside surface on the front left side of a trailer, semi-trailer or trailer converter dolly.

Drivers are also responsible for ensuring the vehicle they are driving is fit for highway use. As part of your daily inspection, check the date on the inspection-certificate decal on the vehicle and/or trailer to ensure that it is still valid.

This illustration depicts a licensed motor vehicle inspection mechanic checking a truck for compliance with performance standards.
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