Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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VII. Hours of service
Duty status
The new rules define four categories of duty time for commercial vehicle drivers:
    1. Off-duty time, other than time spent in a sleeper berth
    2. Off-duty time spent in a sleeper berth
    3. On-duty time spent driving
    4. On-duty time, other than time spent driving

On-duty activities include driving, as well as performing any other activities for the operator, such as inspecting, cleaning or repairing your vehicle; travelling as a co-driver (not including when in sleeper berth); loading and unloading the vehicle; waiting at inspections for unloading or loading to be completed, or because of an unforeseen occurrence such as an accident.

These four categories are used to determine the minimum off-duty required and the maximum on-duty times allowed for commercial vehicle drivers.