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III. Sharing the road
Sharing the road with smaller vehicles

Be aware that most drivers of smaller vehicles do not understand what it is like to drive a large vehicle such as a tractor-trailer. Many do not realize that a tractor-trailer needs twice as much stopping distance as the average car, and takes much longer to get up to normal driving speed. Many drivers also feel nervous when a large vehicle comes up behind or beside them, and this may cause them to make sudden or unexpected moves.

Here are some tips for sharing the road with smaller vehicles:

  1. Following: It is very dangerous to follow too closely behind another vehicle. If something unexpected occurs, you will not have enough room to stop safely. Also, be aware that a large vehicle looming up closely behind may intimidate drivers of small vehicles.
  2. Being passed: Be courteous when smaller, faster vehicles are trying to pass you. Slow down enough to allow the vehicle to fit in quickly and safely in front of you.
  3. Signalling: Signal your intentions clearly before turning, slowing or stopping so that other drivers will have adequate time to react appropriately.
  4. Turning: Many drivers of smaller vehicles do not understand how much room large vehicles need in order to make a turn. Drivers of smaller vehicles will often drive up into the large vehicle’s turning space, not realizing until too late that the large vehicle needs that space to complete the turn. To safely complete a turn, you should proceed slowly and observe the rear of the vehicle. Always check to make sure a vehicle has not moved up into your turning space before completing your turn.