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III. Sharing the road
Sharing the road with municipal buses

Many roadways have special indented stopping areas for municipal buses, called bus bays, where passengers can get on and off. There are three types of bus bays:

  • Mid-block indented bays
  • Indentations immediately before and after intersections
  • Bus-stop areas between two designated parking areas

When a bus in a bus bay begins flashing its left-turn signals, indicating that it is ready to leave the bus bay, and you are approaching in the lane adjacent to the bus bay, you must allow the bus to re-enter traffic.

A Mid-block indented bays
B An indentation before an intersection
C An indentation after an intersection
D Bus stops between legally parked cars

This illustration shows how to share the road with municipal buses, where there are indented bays for buses on the road, before and after intersections, as well as bus stops between legally parked cars.
Diagram 3-3