Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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V. Dealing with particular situations
Distracted driving

Driving while using non-hands-free cellular phones and viewing display screens unrelated to driving is prohibited, and drivers will face fines and other penalties. In addition, drivers can be charged with careless driving or even dangerous driving (a criminal offence) if they do not pay full attention to the driving task.

Note: Commercial drivers have a permanent exemption for the use of a two-way radio, provided the microphone is securely mounted to the vehicle within easy reach of the driver. This allows the driver to press and hold the microphone button to talk and release to listen.

Even if your vehicle has driver-assistance features, you can be charged with distracted, careless or dangerous driving. You are still expected to be in care and control of your vehicle, which means that you must be constantly monitoring your environment and able to take over immediate control of the vehicle.

Tips to reduce driver distractions

  • Attend to personal grooming and plan your route before you leave.
  • Identify and preset your vehicle’s climate control, and audio settings.
  • Make it a habit to pull over and park to use your cell phone or have a passenger take the call or let it go to voice mail.
  • Put reading material away if you are tempted to read.
  • Do not engage in emotional or complex conversations. Stress can affect your driving performance.
  • When you are hungry or thirsty, take a break from driving.

Remember to focus on your driving at all times. A split-second distrac­tion behind the wheel can result in injury or even death.