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Daily inspection test
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15. Hydraulic Brake System

Brake fluid level is below indicated minimum level and brake fluid reservoir is less than one-quarter full
You must know the location of the hydraulic brake master-cylinder reservoir, how to check the level of the brake fluid, and that the vehicle has this minor defect when the brake fluid level is below the mark indicating the minimum level as determined by the manufacturer, or a major defect when the reservoir is less than one-quarter full.

Brake fluid leak
You must know that brake fluid is required for the system to operate, that loss of brake fluid can cause the brakes to malfunction or fail completely, and that a vehicle has this major defect when a brake fluid leak is noticeable.

Open the hood and inspect brake-fluid reservoirs to ensure:

    • Brake fluid is above the minimum required level.
    • There is no brake-fluid leak.
    • Brake-fluid reservoir is not less than one-quarter full.