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Daily inspection test
In-cab check

Once the exterior inspection is complete, you will enter the vehicle and begin the In-cab check portion of the test, where you must point to or touch all items and fully explain what you are inspecting for each item. You are not required to list the minor or major defects.

During the In-cab check portion of the test, you will be expected to start the vehicle and perform the following checks:

All the gauges Confirm and indicate that all gauges and indicators are normal and working properly.
Air pressure gauge (air brake vehicle only) Confirm and indicate air pressure gauge is working properly and is within normal operating range.
Driver’s seat and seat belt Confirm the driver seat is secure and seat belts are secure, and in good working condition.
Mirror and windshield Check the windshield and confirm it is clear and has no obstructions or damage to the glass. Confirm the mirrors are properly adjusted.
Heater/ Defroster controls Confirm the heater(s) and defroster(s) work in all positions.
Steering wheel Confirm the steering wheel is securely attached to the vehicle, responds in the normal way and there is no excessive free play.
Wipers and washers Confirm the windshield wipers and washer fluid are working normally.