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Daily inspection test
Interior inspection

5. Windshield Wiper / Washer

Control or system malfunction
You must know how to operate the windshield wipers and washers, that periodic testing is required to ensure they are available at all times, and that a vehicle has this minor defect when the control or any part of the system fails to function properly.

Wiper blade damaged, missing or fails to adequately clear driver’s field of vision
You must know the normal condition and function of wiper blades, and be able to recognize when they no longer function well, and that a vehicle has this minor defect when a wiper blade is damaged or missing, or when it won’t clear the area of the windshield in front of the driver.

When use of wipers or washer is required -- wiper or washer fails to adequately clear driver’s field of vision in area swept by driver’s-side wiper
You must know that being able to see the roadway clearly in poor weather is very important, that this visibility is dependent upon the wipers being able to clear water, snow and ice from the windshield, and that a vehicle has this major defect when the prevailing weather conditions require use of the wipers or washers, and they are not able to keep clear the area swept by the driver’s side wiper.

Inspect vehicle to ensure:

    • The windshield wipers and washers function properly in all directions.
    • Any wiper blade is not damaged or missing, and will clear the windshield.