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IRP Carrier Manual - How to Apply

5. Applications and Forms

IRP Registration

Ontario Apportioned Application Forms include all registration requirements for the IRP. Forms are available electronically, and from all IRP Offices. To receive a copy of the forms in Excel format, send an e-mail to, or download the IRP Application Forms. It is the applicant's responsibility to properly complete all forms necessary to register vehicles in IRP. If a submitted application is incomplete, the applicant will be notified and asked to provide the information or to submit a new, revised application. Incorrect completion of an application will delay processing.

Sample forms and detailed instructions are included in Appendix B of this guide.

The following is a list of Ontario's local IRP Offices.

Office Address Telephone Fax
Barrie 92 Commerce Park Drive, Unit 4
Barrie, ON  L4N 8W8
(705) 739-6368 (705) 739-6300

903 Barton Street, Unit 1A
Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5P5

(905) 643-7947 Ext. 201

(905) 643-9923

Kingston 1355 John Counter Boulevard
Kingston, ON  K7L 5A3
(613) 540-5185 (613) 545-4781
London 659 Exeter Road
London, ON  N6E 1L3
(519) 873-4280 (519) 873-4270
North Bay 447 McKeown Avenue
North Bay, ON  P1B 9S9
(705) 497 6909 (705) 497 5406
Ottawa 3091 Albion Road North, Unit 2
Ottawa, ON  K1V 9V9
(613) 731-2803 (613) 731-8987
Port Hope 138 Hope Street North
Port Hope, ON  L1A 2P1
(905) 885-8318 (905) 885-4268
Thunder Bay 615 South James Street
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 6P6
(807) 473-2190 (807) 473-2133
Toronto 1860 Wilson Avenue
Downsview, ON M9M 3A7
(416) 212-9409 (416) 212-9443
Waterloo 500 Weber Street North, Unit 3
Waterloo, ON  N2L 4E9
(519) 885-3403 (519) 885-9937
Windsor 150 Ouellette Place, Suite 210
Windsor, ON  N8X 1L9
(519) 972-8866 (519) 972-8341

New Registrations

Before a vehicle may be registered under IRP in the Province of Ontario, the carrier must:

  • Have an established place of business in the Province (see Appendix F: Glossary). An Established Place of Business questionnaire with accompanying documentation is required at the time of registration. To receive a copy in Word format, send an e-mail to, or download a printable version in PDF format: Established Place of Business Questionnaire (PDF - 162 KB)

  • Complete and submit all IRP Fleet and IRP Vehicle Applications in full (see Appendix B for forms completion). First-time registrants without distance experience may estimate distances based on the proposed operation of the fleet during the year for which registration is required. The carrier will be required to substantiate the estimate by submitting an Estimated Distance Declaration form. This form is required whenever providing estimate mileage on new applications, renewals, or when adding jurisdictions during the registration period. Trip permit operations are included in the total estimated distances.

  • Submit a copy of the Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement, showing the capital cost and the lease start date of the vehicle  (see following 'Points to Remember') for each vehicle.

  • Submit the vehicle registration permit.

  • Provide any other documentation that is deemed necessary according to Ontario law, including safety standards certificates, vehicle emission certificates and letters of authorization (if required).

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Once an application has been processed, an invoice will be faxed to the carrier. The carrier may make the payment directly to an IRP Office or at the IRP Program Office. If travel is intended in both Canadian and US jurisdictions, payment will be required in both Canadian and US funds.

Once the invoice has been paid, the carrier will receive:

  • A set of apportioned plates which have "PRP" embossed on the left-hand side (if necessary);
  • A validation sticker;
  • A vehicle permit; and
  • A cab card for each vehicle.

These credentials will be available from your local IRP Office.

NOTE: The new policy will require all new carriers to pay IRP fees by certified cheque, cash, money order, bank draft or credit card (Canadian funds only) until the end of their first full 12 month registration year. Existing carriers that issue an NSF cheque on or after March 31, 2008 will also be required to pay IRP fees by certified cheque, cash, money order, bank draft or credit card (Canadian funds only) until the end of their first full 12 month registration year.  For the affected carriers, regular business cheques will no longer be accepted as a form of payment until the carrier has completed a full 12 month registration year.

For applicants who have previously been registered in IRP, it is a requirement to provide actual distance from the previous jurisdiction or employer. If actual distance can not be provided the applicant is required to complete an Initial Registration Distance Declaration. See an example on the IRP website at

Points to Remember:

  • If applying under a company or firm name, the name must first be registered with the Federal Government or the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Companies branch. You must provide a copy of your Articles of Incorporation (granted by the Federal or Provincial government) when registering for the first time.

    For more information, please contact:

    Ministry of Government Services
    Companies and Personal Property Security branch
    393 University Avenue, Suite 200
    Toronto, ON  M5G 2M2

    General Inquiry: 416-314-8880
    Toll Free: 1-800-361-3223 (in Ontario)
    Fax: 416-314-4852
    Ministry of Government Services website: Serving Business

  • An Ontario IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) number must be obtained for all vehicles 11,797 kg GVW and over.

  • Ensure that you have obtained the appropriate vehicle inspection approvals.

  • Ensure that you have obtained a Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (for Ontario Plated Vehicles), if appropriate.

  • Ensure that you have obtained all the applicable operating requirements from Ontario and other Canadian jurisdictions (e.g., Safety Fitness Certificates / NSC number).

US jurisdictions - this does not exempt a carrier from insurance liability filing requirements or having to obtain operating authority such as Single State Registration, Kentucky/New York HUT, or Oregon Tax Identifier.

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