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IRP Carrier Manual - Renewals & Supplemental Applications

6.  Renewals

An IRP renewal application will be mailed to all Ontario based carriers approximately six (6) weeks prior to expiry of their IRP fleet accounts. The application is a computer printout containing the active fleet information at the time of printing.

Because the report is printed and issued prior to expiration, any supplemental activity that has taken place after distribution will not be listed. This includes additions/deletions of vehicles, changes of fleet/vehicle information or added jurisdictions.

The report is issued to the carrier as a reference and convenience for reviewing their fleet and vehicle information prior to completing their applications for renewal.

It is essential that the carrier review the report for accuracy or omission of pertinent information. Failure to report or include factual data could result in processing delays, incorrect fee assessments or maintenance of incorrect records.

The application is to be submitted to an IRP Office or the IRP Program Office for processing. It is the carrier's responsibility to submit weight information on the renewal application.

Renewal of a IRP account requires the completion of a IRP Fleet Application and IRP Vehicle Application(s) which must be submitted as soon as possible to a IRP Office or the IRP Program Office (see Appendix B for forms completion). This allows sufficient time to process the renewal information and fax the fee notice before the effective date.

Once carriers receive their fee notices, they may submit payment directly to the IRP Program Office or to an IRP Office. Credentials and decal(s) will be provided as soon as possible.

Ontario's blank IRP application is available electronically from the Ministry. To receive a copy in Excel format, send an e-mail to, or download the IRP Application Forms. Diskettes are also available from your local IRP Office or the IRP Program Office but supplies are limited. Carriers using the electronic application for renewals are reminded to include vehicles to be deleted from the fleet on separate Form 4's, with the appropriate vehicle transaction code (DV) beside each vehicle.

7.  Supplemental Applications

What is a Supplemental Application?

The carrier submits a supplemental application after the original/renewal application has been processed. Supplemental applications are submitted using the IRP application forms (see Appendix B for forms completion). Number each supplemental application, beginning with 001. The number 000 is assigned to new fleets and renewal applications only.

When do you need to submit a Supplemental Application?

You must submit a supplemental application for the following transactions:

  • Add a Vehicle(s) - Vehicles may be added to an existing fleet anytime during the registration year. The distance information provided with your original application will be used to calculate the fees due.

  • Delete a Vehicle(s) - Vehicles may be deleted from an existing fleet anytime during the registration year. To delete a vehicle(s) from your fleet, the cab card(s), plate(s) and vehicle permit(s) (plate portion) must accompany the application. See Refund Policy at end of this section.

  • Transfer a Vehicle(s) from one Fleet to another Fleet - Vehicles may be transferred between fleets using two application forms, clearly showing the vehicle being deleted from one fleet, and being added to another fleet. Both fleets must be in the carrier's name. Credit will be given for the Ontario fees only. Other Canadian provinces will provide refunds, however US jurisdictions generally do not refund fees. For more information, please consult the "Refunds" section.

  • Replace a Vehicle(s) - Fleet vehicle(s) may be replaced anytime during the registration year. In order to apply the credits from the previous vehicle(s) to the new vehicle(s), the information must be provided on the same supplement. The previous cab card and vehicle permit must accompany the application. The transaction code is AR/DR. This code must be indicated in Section A and B of Form 4. The information for the vehicle being removed from the fleet is indicated in Section C. Please see the forms completion section for more information.

  • Change Vehicle Information - You may apply for a change of vehicle information anytime during the registration year. Changes may include a change of Unit Number, a correction to the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), a correction of vehicle type or a correction to the taxable owner information, etc. The previous cab card and vehicle permit must accompany the application.

  • Increase/Decrease Vehicle Weight in a Jurisdiction - A change to vehicle weight may be done at anytime during the registration year. If the gross vehicle weight is increased, you will be billed for any difference in registration fees. If decreased, you may be refunded for any difference in registration fees. However, various jurisdictions do not provide refunds for weight decreases during the registration year. Contact the jurisdictions directly for further information. The previous cab card must accompany the application. See Refund Policy at end of this section.

  • Add a Jurisdiction(s) - You may add a jurisdiction(s) to your IRP fleet account at anytime during the registration year. To add an additional jurisdiction(s), you must also complete an IRP Fleet Application listing the jurisdiction(s) you require and the estimated distances to be travelled, and an Estimated Distance Declaration form. Fees for the added jurisdiction(s) will be calculated on the original distances plus the estimated distances.

  • Replace a Lost/Stolen Cab Card - You must attend your nearest IRP Office to obtain a new cab card with completed forms 1 and 4 of the IRP Application along with a letter stating the reason for the replacement.

Ontario Credit and Refund Policy

Ontario will allow carriers to use credits for deleted vehicles towards new fees for vehicles added to the fleet on the same application. Any unused credit from the application will be refunded. It cannot be used to pay the subsequent year's registration fees.

Ontario can only refund the Ontario portion of the registration fees. Refunds are generated when you cancel and surrender your Ontario apportioned licence plates or decrease the gross vehicle weight of your vehicle at an IRP Office. Refunds are issued directly to the carrier from the Financial Control office in Sudbury.

On behalf of the carrier, the IRP Office will issue a refund Remittance Notice to Canadian jurisdictions only. Upon notification, the other Canadian jurisdictions will individually process refunds due the carrier (subject to any applicable administration fee) and remit the refund directly to the carrier. Please allow six (6) weeks for processing.

For information on the refund policies of non-Canadian IRP jurisdictions, please refer to the Refunds section.

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