Load restrictions

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario's highways during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur.

The Raw Forest products freeze up period is no longer in effect.

Northeastern Region Reduced Load Restrictions & Local Road Boards (PDF - 1.02 MB)

Northwestern Region - Load Restricted Areas (PDF - 1.28 MB)

Restriction on permits

All annual and project overweight permits are not valid on any highways unless otherwise specified on the permit during:

  • March and April in Southern Ontario
  • March, April and May in Northern Ontario

For purposes of this restriction, the province is divided, west to east, by:

  • a line formed by the Severn River to Regional Rd. 169
  • Regional Rd. 169 from Washago to Hwy. 12
  • Hwy. 12, from Regional Rd. 169 to Hwy. 7, north of Sunderland
  • Hwy. 7, from Hwy. 12 to Regional Rd. 7B at Carleton Place
  • Regional Rd. 7B to Hwy. 15
  • Regional Rd. 29 to Arnprior

Single trip permits, for moving of overloads on highways not designated in Schedules 1, 2 and 3, may be issued, but are subject to axle controls established by the Ministry of Transportation.

Schedule 1

Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways listed in Schedule 1, when appropriate, between March 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.

None at this time.

Schedule 2

Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways listed in Schedule 2, when appropriate, between March 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017.

None at this time.


Schedule 3

Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways/Roads listed in Schedule 3, when appropriate, between March 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.


March 1st to June 30th, 2017

When signs are posted, the Highway/Roads within the following Territories will have a Reduced Load Limit:

North Bay area Sign Status
Ballantyne & Laurier -
Bidwell Lake -
Eldee -
Ellsmere -
Laurier -
Lount -
Marten Lake -
Memesagamesing -
Mills & Hardy -
Patterson -
Phelps -
Pringle -
Tilden Lake -
Thorne -
Wilson & McConkey -
White Pine -
Wyse and Poitras -
Yellowstone -
Sudbury area Sign Status
Armstrong Lake -
Britt -
Burwash-Hendrie -
Cartier -
Chiniguchi R. -
Dawson -
Dill Secord -
Downes Lake -
Foster Truman -
Fourteen Mile Island -
Harris Lake -
Hess -
Kukagami -
Lang Lake -
Long Lake -
Lost Channel -
Ministic Lake -
Onaping Falls -
Red Deer Village -
Robinson -
Rock Lake -
Trout Lake N -
Wallbridge S -
Whiskey Lake -
Willisville -
New Liskeard area Sign Status
Anima Nipissing Posted
Bayly Marter Posted
Beauchamp Posted
Biscotasing Posted
Bourkes Posted
Bryce Posted
Cane Posted
Cairo & Alma Twp. Posted
Crystal Lake Posted
Eby-Grenfell Posted
Foleyet Posted
Gogama Posted
Henwood Posted
Horwood Posted
Ingram Posted
Lebel (Harvey) Kirkland Posted
Lebel (King) Kirkland Posted
Lorraine Twp. Posted
Marquis Posted
Marter Posted
Mattagami Twp. Posted
Ossian Posted
Otto Posted
Pacaud & Catharine Posted
Robillard Posted
Savard Posted
Sheraton & Macklem Posted
Star Lake Posted
Watabeag Posted
Cochrane area Sign Status
Brower Posted
Casgrain Posted
Coppell/Kendall/Way Posted
Departure Lake Posted
Driftwood Posted
Dunning Posted
Fournier Posted
Frederickhouse Posted
Hallebourg Posted
Hanlan Posted
Hunta Posted
Indian-Sand Lake Posted
Kitigan Posted
Nellie Lake (Aurora) Posted
Norembega Posted
Tunis Posted
West Riverside Posted
Sault Ste Marie area Sign Status
Aberdeen & McMahon -
Aweres 1 S.L.B. -
Aweres 2 S.L.B. -
Devil's Lake -
Devon Landing -
Esher-Como-Healy -
Fenwick, Pennefather & Vankoughnet -
Galbraith-Morin -
Garden Lake -
Gaudette & Hodgins -
Goulais Mission -
Havilland S.L.B. -
Hawk Junction -
Horseshoe Bay -
Kettle Lakes -
Northland Lake -
Patton & Montgomery -
Peace Tree -
Red Rock -
Sultan -
Tilley -
Vankoughnet & Aweres -
Vixen Lake -
Wabos -
Wharncliffe -
Thunder Bay area Sign Status
Armstrong Posted
Dawson Rd.- Goldie Posted
Devon Posted
Firehill Posted
Forbes Posted
Fowler Posted
Gorham Posted
Hardwick Posted
Hicks Lake Posted
Inwood Posted
Jacques Posted
Lybster Posted
Lyon Posted
Marks Posted
Mountain Bay Posted
Northern Light Lake Posted
Obonga Lake Posted
Perch Lake Posted
Polly Lake Posted
Sibley Posted
Stirling Posted
Strange Posted
Sunset Lake Posted
Upsala Posted
Ware Posted
White Sand Lake Posted
Kenora area Sign Status
Aubrey East Posted
Bears Passage Posted
Big Stone Bay Posted
Blindfold Lake Posted
Britton Posted
Clearwater Lake Posted
Colenso, Redvers E. & Wabigoon E. Posted
Cygnet Lake Rd. Posted
Dance Posted
Ena Lake Posted
Engineer Lake Rd. Posted
Eton Posted
Ghost Lake Posted
Gordon Lake Posted
Inglis Lake Posted
Ingolf Posted
Kendall Inlet Posted
Kenricia Posted
Kingsford Posted
Laclu Posted
Manitou Rapids FN Posted
McCallum Point Posted
McConnell Lake Posted
McIntosh Posted
McKenzie Portage Posted
Melgund Posted
Minaki Posted
Mine Centre Posted
Miscampbell Posted
Mutrie Posted
Nanicost Centre Posted
Nelles Posted
Nickel Lake Shores Posted
Pearson Landing Posted
Pellatt No. 2 Posted
Pickerel Lake Posted
Pratt Posted
Red Pine Ridge Posted
Redditt Posted
Reef Point Posted
Rowell Posted
Rugby Posted
Rush Bay-Woodchuck Bay Posted
Sherwood Lake Posted
Southshore Posted
Southwatten Posted
Southworth Posted
Spohn Posted
Spruce Lake Road Posted
Storm Bay Posted
Sutherland Posted
Tannis Lake (Gundy Lake) Posted
Van Horne Posted
Wabigoon Redvers West Posted
Wabigoon South East Posted
Wainwright Posted
War Eagle Posted
West Longbow Lake Posted
Zealand No. 1 Posted
Zealand No. 3Posted

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