Oversize/Overweight Permits

Carriers must apply for permits to operate or transport oversized or overweight vehicles and loads. Carriers are responsible for following all permit conditions to ensure their vehicles operate safely on Ontario's King's highways.

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The current maximum turn around for Single Trip Permit applications is 3 business days.


Who Needs a Permit

You will need an oversize/overweight permit if the dimensions or weight of your vehicle and/or load exceed the limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act.

Permits are issued for oversize vehicles or loads if they cannot be reduced in size or would:

  • be unable to perform the function for which they were intended
  • be unusable for their intended purposes
  • require more than eight work hours to dismantle using appropriate resources and equipment



  • the load must not be made up of articles loaded or mounted on top of each other in a way that will create additional height


  • the load must not be made up of articles loaded or mounted side by side or crosswise in a way that will create additional width


  • the load must not be made up of articles loaded or mounted one behind the other in a way that will create additional length
  • any overhang to the rear must not exceed 4.65 m from the centre of the rearmost axle


  • the load must not be made up of more than one article
  • when crossing bridges, vehicles over 45,000 kg gross weight must be operated at the lowest practicable speed
  • bridge postings and load restrictions pursuant to Part VII of the HTA apply

Types of Permits

There are four types of oversize/overweight permits. Each permit has specific conditions that must be strictly adhered to.

1. Annual Permits

Annual Permits are used for repeat trips with oversize/overweight vehicle and/or loads to maximum weights and dimensions as follows (subject to vehicle configuration):

  • Weight : 63,500 kg
  • Width : 3.85 metres on multi-lane highways, 3.7 metres on 2-lane highways
  • Length : 25 metres
  • Height : 4.26 metres

Enhanced Annual Permit

Enhanced Annual Permits are used for repeat trips with oversize/overweight vehicle and/or loads to maximum weights and dimensions as follows (subject to vehicle configuration)

  • Weight: up to 78,000 kg
  • Width: 3.85 metres on multi-lane highways, 3.7 metres on 2-lane highways
  • Length: 32 metres
  • Height: 4.26 metres

Valid for 12 months from the date of issue on all King's highways.

Carriers with Annual and Enhanced Annual Permits can travel on toll highways as long as the vehicle has a valid transponder.

When to Apply

Annual permits take 10 to 15 business days to be issued from the date the application is received. To avoid delays, apply at least 30 days before the requested start date.

2. Project Permits

Project permits are issued to allow carriers operating under the terms of a contract, to move similar loads, objects and structures over the same specified route for a period up to and including six months, depending on the duration of the contract. Maximum weights and dimensions as follows (subject to vehicle configuration):

  • Weight : 70,000 kg
  • Width : 4.3 metres (subject to clearance check)
  • Length : 36.75 metres
  • Height : subject to clearance check

The weights and dimensions provided must be specific to the load. The weights and dimensions specified on the permit are those of the load, not the maximum limit.

When to Apply

Include a copy of the contract with your application. The letter of contract must be written on company letterhead and include:

  • the name and address of the carrier
  • the contract number (if available)
  • the duration of the contract
  • a description of the product being transported
  • the origin and destination of the load, specifying the complete route (including municipal roads)

Once the ministry receives all the required documents, staff will assess traffic and construction concerns before it approves and issues the permit.

3. Single Trip Permits

A single trip permit is issued for a one-way trip along a specified route for a limited period.

When to Apply

A carrier should apply 5-10 business days prior to the proposed move date to allow the Permit Issuing Office sufficient time to process the permit request. Please note that the permit may only be issued 3 days prior to the proposed move date.


Superloads exceed any of the following limits:

  • 120,000 kg gross vehicle weight
  • 5 metres in width
  • 45.75 metres in length

Permit applications for Superloads of 6 metres or greater must include justification that demonstrates the necessity of transporting the loads on the province's highways, and require extra time and documentation. These loads will be subject to a thorough review by the ministry's Weight and Load Engineer, as well as various senior ministry management personnel.

Those considering Superload moves should consult with the Permit Issuing Office in the early planning stages. A carrier must submit their application a minimum of 5 days prior to the proposed move date due to the more involved approval process. Complex operations may take as many as 6 months to fulfill all requirements.

For gross vehicle weights exceeding 120,000 kg, carriers will need to submit an evaluation by a qualified engineer to evaluate the bridges on their route for ministry approval.

Approved bridge consulting engineers with design and evaluation qualifications

4. Special Vehicle Configuration Permits

Special vehicle configuration permits are issued for vehicles with unique weights or dimensions that vary from the HTA and other regulation. They are subject to economic, infrastructure and safety assessments by the applicant, to prescribed ministry standards.

The purpose of these permits is to:

  • harmonize configurations, weights and dimensions with those of any other jurisdiction
  • allow for a trial of a vehicle
  • allow for a variance from a limit within a specific geographical area

When to Apply

Applications for these permits may take up to 14 days to process. To learn more, contact the ministry at:

  • 416-246-7166
  • 1-800-387-7736

Applying for a Permit

Apply Online

You can apply Online 24/7, at your convenience!

You can apply for your Annual, Enhanced Annual and Single Trip Permits which vehicle and/or load(s) are within Enhanced Annual dimensions through the ministry’s Permitting and Registration for International Registration Plan and Oversize/Overweight (PRIO) online service.

To become a PRIO user and apply directly online to receive your Annual Permit by e-mail, complete the User Account Form below to access Oversize/Overweight (O/O) online services.

User Account Form – English

User Account Form - French

Please return your completed User Account Form application to the O/O Permit Office at oo.permits@ontario.ca.

Existing PRIO users are not required to complete a user account form and can directly apply online.

Paper Application

You can still apply for your Annual and Enhanced Annual Permit through mail or fax.

  • Download an application form and guidelines (see below). 
  • Please note Incomplete applications will be returned.
  • Before you obtain a permit, there may be other requirements you need to meet to travel in Ontario (e.g. CVOR, National Safety code, etc.). The operator is responsible for complying with registration, fuel tax and other federal and provincial requirements and procedures.
  • Applications can be printed, filled out and sent to the Ministry of Transportation Permit Issuing Office (see below).
  • Include valid form of payment (in Canadian Funds only):
    • Visa or Mastercard
    • Cheque
    • Bank Draft / Money Order / Certified Funds

The ministry must review and approve all documentation before it issues a permit. 

Special Vehicle Configuration Permits:

Permit Fees

New fees will apply to any application received on or after July 12, 2019.

Oversize/overweight permit fees
2018 As of July 12, 2019
Annual Permit $440 $448.75
Enhanced Annual Permit $730 $744.50
Project Permit $286 $291.75
Enhanced Project Permit added See Regulation 381/98 (Special Permits) in the Highway Traffic Act
Single Trip Permit Prices vary, see below Prices vary, see below
Oversized Only $65 $66.25
Overweight up to 120,000 kg and up to 100 km of travel on provincial highways. $125 $127.50
Overweight up to 120,000 kg and between 101 km and 500 km of travel on provincial highways. $200 $204
Overweight up to 120,000 kg and over 500 km of travel on provincial highways. $260 $265.25
Overweight greater than 120,000 kg and unlimited travel distance. $700 $714
Special Vehicle Configuration Permit Refer to Highway Traffic Act s110.1 (10) Based on Permit Type Contact permit issuing office

Permit Issuing Office

Contact the permit issuing office at:

By mail:

Ministry of Transportation
Permit Office
301 St. Paul Street
3rd Floor
St Catharines, Ontario L2R 7R4

By phone: 416-246-7166 or 1-800-387-7736

By fax: 905-704-2545

By email: oo.permits@ontario.ca

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