Changes to regulations on vehicle weights and dimensions: Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly vehicles

The regulatory changes to Ontario Regulation 413/05 (Vehicle Weights and Dimensions – For Safe, Productive, and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) Vehicles) under the Highway Traffic Act modify the following specifications applicable to the dimensions of tractor double-trailers, tractor semitrailers and truck-trailer combinations:

  1. The overall length and tractor wheelbase limits on B-train Double Trailer combinations are extended from 25 metres to 27.5 metres and 6.2 metres to 6.8 metres, respectively.
  2. The allowance for aerodynamic devices at the rear of commercial motor vehicles is extended from 0.61 metres to 1.52 metres.
  3. Minor modifications addressing a technical issue when SPIF compliant trucks are pulling pre-SPIF trailers is addressed in addition to housekeeping changes to correct typographical issues found within the regulation.

The modifications came into force on February 5, 2016.

The first two items were supported by National Task Force (Task Force) on Vehicle Weights and Dimensions (VWD) Policy, under the Council of Ministers of Transportation and Road Safety.

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