Manufacturer Licence Plate, Dealer Plate and Service Plate

Manufacturer Licence Plate

The Ministry of Transportation is introducing a new Manufacturer Licence Plate series, effective January 1, 2016.

The Manufacturer Licence Plate will allow motor vehicle and motor vehicle component manufacturers to operate vehicles on Ontario roads for the purposes of testing, demonstration, evaluation and exhibition.

To be authorized to purchase Manufacturer Licence Plates, eligible motor vehicle or motor vehicle component manufacturers are required to complete and submit an application form to the MTO’s Vehicle Programs Office (VPO). The form can be found on the following webpage: Application for the Manufacturer Plate Program.

Once approved, the VPO will issue the applicant a letter to authorize the purchase and use of a Manufacturer Plate.

The Manufacturer Plate is eligible for use on a passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, bus and a motorcycle.

Effective January 01, 2016, the new Manufacturer Plates will be available for immediate purchase at the designated ServiceOntario centres identified below:

4800 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 112
Toronto, ON
M1S 4N5

509 Bayly Street, East
Ajax, ON
L1Z 1W7

2150 Steeles Avenue East, Unit 2
Brampton, ON
L6T 1A7

1 Gateway Boulevard
Brampton, ON
L6T 0G3

Brampton North
1 Wexford Rd, Unit 13
Brampton, ON
L6Z 2W1

Brampton North East
55 Mountainash Rd, Unit 12
Brampton, ON
L6R 1W4

561 Hespeler Rd, Unit 1B
Cambridge, ON
N1R 6J4

250 The East Mall, Unit 193
Toronto, ON
M9B 3Y8

Mississauga West
2225 Erin Mills Parkway, Unit 24
Mississauga, ON
L5K 1T9

17480 Yonge Street, Unit C9
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 8A9

105 Cross Avenue, Unit A9
Oakville, ON
L6J 2W7

Port Perry
72 Water Street
Port Perry, ON
L9L 1J2

35 Woodbine Downs Boulevard, Unit 3B
Toronto, ON
M9W 6N5

Richmond Hill
10909 Yonge Street, Unit 4
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 3E3

Scarborough North
2300 Lawrence Ave. East, Unit 7
Toronto, ON
M1P 2R2

6295 Mississauga Rd North, Unit 201
Mississauga, ON
L5N 1A5

Lower Level, 777 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
M5G 2C8

939 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 102
Toronto, ON
M4G 4E8

4580 Highway 7, Unit 1
Unionville, ON
L3R 1M5

590 Rossland Rd, East
Whitby, ON
L1N 9G5

3555 Don Mills Rd, Unit 10
Toronto, ON
M2H 3N3

2437 Dougall Avenue
Windsor, ON
N8X 1T3

925 Dundas Street, Unit 3
N4S 8V3

Dealer Plate/Permit

Illustration of dealer plate
View a sample of the Dealer plate

Ontario motor vehicle dealers licensed under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act are eligible for the Dealer Plate/Permit. The Dealer Plate/Permit is a single portable plate with the word "DEALER" on the left side and red alpha-numeric characters on a white background. It is for exclusive use by motor vehicle dealers only on motor vehicles owned as part of the dealer's inventory of vehicles for sale. It may be used for private use in Ontario or for purposes related to the sale of motor vehicles that are owned as part of the dealer's inventory of vehicles for sale.

For new motor vehicle dealers, when purchasing a new Dealer Plate/Permit, you must provide the respective fee (information about fees can be found at Are driver and vehicle fees going up? and each of the following:

  • The original dealer number certificate issued by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)
  • Your driver's licence or two pieces of identification

If you are an existing motor vehicle dealer and you have a valid Dealer Authorization Letter (DAL) on file at your local ServiceOntario centre, the plate, permit and the respective fee (information about fees can be found at Are driver and vehicle fees going up?) is required to purchase a Dealer Plate/Permit. However, if you do not have a valid letter on file (i.e., it has expired), please follow the requirements of a new motor vehicle dealer.

Service Plate/Permit

Illustration of service plate
View a sample of the Service plate.

Service providers, including anyone who repairs, customizes, modifies, manufactures or transports motor vehicles or trailers is eligible for a Service Plate. The service permit and plate must be registered in the legal name of the business or the proprietor.

A new applicant for a Service Plate/Permit must present a letter on company letterhead, outlining the reasons why the plate is required. A trailer dealer must present a Class A garage licence.

A Service Plate may be used:

  • on a trailer or motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or motor-assisted bicycle for purposes related to the repair, road testing, customization or modification of the vehicle, if the vehicle is in the possession of the person to whom the service plate is issued, or
  • for the purpose of transporting the vehicle by a person engaged in the business of transporting vehicles, or
  • for purposes related to the manufacturing or sale of a trailer, or
  • for the purpose of towing the vehicle by a person engaged in the business of transporting vehicles, or
  • to tow a vehicle to a location where its load will be removed or to an impound facility.

Private use of motor vehicles or trailers with a service plate is not permitted.

Fees for purchasing Manufacturer, Dealer and Service Licence Plates can be found on ServiceOntario's website Are driver and vehicle fees going up?.

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