Three-Wheeled Vehicles - Frequently Asked Questions

On which roads can you drive three-wheeled vehicles?

You can drive three-wheeled vehicles on all roads in Ontario.

How long is the pilot?

The pilot is ten years long and will end on March 1, 2026.

What happens after the pilot is done? Will I still be able to drive my three-wheeled vehicle in Ontario?

The Ministry of Transportation expects that this pilot framework will provide the ministry with meaningful evidence to determine whether a permanent framework is warranted.  Following a safety evaluation of these vehicles the ministry will make a long term decision on whether three-wheeled vehicles are permanently allowed on road in Ontario.

How do I register a three-wheeled vehicle for use on Ontario’s roads?

Three-wheeled vehicles have the same registration process as all other vehicles. For further information please visit: How to register a vehicle.

Why are three-wheeled vehicles being registered as motorcycles?

For the purposes of the pilot, the Ministry has determined that this vehicle would be best suited to be registered as a motorcycle. TWVs combine design, handling and driver behavior elements from both a passenger vehicle and motorcycle. This is consistent with the approach taken by the majority of other Canadian jurisdictions that already allow three-wheeled vehicles on road.

Why do you need a G licence if the vehicle is being registered as a motorcycle?

The requirement for a full class G licence or higher to operate a TWV is intended to reflect the unique handling and operating characteristics required for three-wheeled vehicles. The class G or higher licence requirement is also in line with the majority of Canadian jurisdictions that permit three-wheeled vehicle registrations.

Are TWVs subject to Drive Clean emissions testing requirements?

No. Since TWVs are registered as motorcycles, they are exempt from Drive Clean requirements for the purpose of the pilot.

Are there any other requirements that three-wheeled vehicles need to meet in order to be driven on Ontario roads?

Yes, three-wheeled vehicles driven on Ontario roads need to fulfill all safety standards set out by the federal government in its Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations Schedule III.

How much does it cost to purchase one of these vehicles?

The basic model of a three-wheeled vehicle starts at around $25,000 and can cost upwards of $60,000.

Do other Canadian jurisdictions allow three-wheeled vehicles on road?

Yes. Currently, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Yukon allow three-wheeled vehicles on road.

Who do manufacturers contact to get their vehicles included in the pilot program?

Manufacturers are required to contact the Vehicle Programs Office via e-mail at

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