Personal mobility devices: wheelchairs and medical scooters

Illustration of a motorized wheelchair What you need to know to use a wheelchair or medical scooter in Ontario

Definition of a wheelchair or scooter

A wheelchair or scooter:

  • can be driven by muscular power or other types of power
  • is designed for and used by people whose mobility is limited by a condition or functional impairment

Wheelchairs do not require registration, licence plates, a driver's licence or vehicle insurance. Anyone at any age can ride a wheelchair.

People operating motorized wheelchairs are treated in the same way as pedestrians. You must obey all the rules of the road that apply to pedestrians under the Highway Traffic Act.

Where to drive

Most municipalities have set by-laws about where wheelchairs can and can't be used.

A sidewalk should be the first choice for someone using a wheelchair or medical scooter. Check with your local municipality to see if the by- laws allow their use on sidewalks.

When there is no wheelchair-accessible curb, return to the sidewalk at the first available opportunity.

If there is no sidewalk available, you should:

  • travel along the left shoulder of the roadway facing oncoming traffic
  • look for a way to get onto a sidewalk safely and as soon as you can

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